Soup + Spinach: Comfort Food with a Dose of Greens


You know those freezing, clammy days when all you want is comfort food?

Cold, crunchy salads and vegetables just seem like anything but comfort.

BUT…alas, your calorie-conscience reminds you that those vegetables are what you need… and on top of that, your winter waistline warns you that one more holiday carb-and-cheese-filled indulgence and you just might not ever fit back in that bathing suit come summer.

Soup. Salad. Which to choose?

When faced with either/or, I usually opt for both/and.

I make a soup. With the veggies of a salad. And I serve it piping hot and silence my inner waistline- and calorie-critic.

I do this with nearly EVERY soup we serve. (Thai curry, minestrone, chicken soup, tomato basil, even canned soup!)


Spinach is basically tasteless, and cooks down fast, so it works really well. I just put a huge handful per serving into the big soup pot!

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A Note on Pre-cooking

The only time I pre-cook my greens for soup is if:

  1. I’m using stiff, hardy greens like kale, mustard greens or Swiss chard.

  2. I’m only warming 1-2 servings of soup. (The volume of the liquid is too low to quickly cook down the spinach - so I just saute it in oil before adding my soup.)

Other than that - just grab a massive handful per serving, stir it in, cook a few minutes - and voila!

And - don’t be afraid to eat canned soup! Make it ULTRA-gourmet by adding a drop of a Vitality essential oil that complements that kind of soup along with your spinach!


Here’s to the assurance that comfort food can be easy, and healthy! Bon Apétit!