September 2018 ER Promos

Colder weather is just around the corner!!

I cannot believe how perfectly these oils fit my winter-prep wish list.

Stock up on these essentials to keep your immune system going strong. You'll be glad they're in your medicine cabinet ;)   

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Clove Vitality   100PV

This essential oil is EXCEEDINGLY high in antioxidants, and extremely high in phenols, which are potent and fierce when it comes to protection against invaders. It’s the primary ingredient in Thieves, our immune system superstar. It has been used for thousands of years for its numbing sensations. It’s a primary ingredient of PanAway! It’s also been used in dentistry for the same reasons, in addition to its protective powers against invaders.

Applied topically, I usually dilute it at least 1:4 with carrier oil because it is spicy!! I also use Clove essential oil these ways:

  • A drop in spiced cider

  • 2-3 drops in a capsule for immune support

  • In my DIY Thieves mouthwash for extra oral cleanliness

  • A drop (diluted, or straight if I’m feeling brave) on an uncomfortable tooth

  • A drop in a teaspoon of coconut oil for oil-pulling (MAJOR oral support!)

  • A drop on open wounds (diluted…or not if you’re brave!) to ease discomfort and protect

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DiGize + Inner Defense   190PV

DiGize: Happy gut, happy body! It’s not just what you eat that’s important, it’s how you digest it that determines the health of everything. Besides the TUMMY help, using DiGize translates to IMMUNE system help! Click here for my post on ways to use DiGize!

Inner Defense: Talk about IMMUNE support!! This is a potent supplement! Look up the superpowers of the oils that are in these capsules:

I take a couple of these morning, noon and night if I’m feeling draggy or been exposed to winter yuck.


Thieves Foaming Hand Soap  250PV

thieves soap.png

Beat those bugs and wash your hands!! Add the power of Thieves, and look out…

Unlike the counterproductive “antibacterial hand soap” that contribute to superbugs and immune system issues, this stuff is 100% natural and plant-based..NO hidden toxic ingredients. I’m used to DIYing my soap. but I’m excited to put this potent, fall-spiced foam in my bathroom since I’m getting it for FREE!


Manuka + ImmuPower   300PV

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ImmuPower: Just when I thought Thieves was an immunity superhero, I witnessed the powers of ImmuPower!! This oil blend was specifically formulated to help the body overcome the toughest of immune system challenges.

  • Ravintsara: purifying; aids respiratory function

  • Frankincense: supports white blood cell production and immune function

  • Oregano, Hyssop, Clove: powerful immune system support and extremely high in antioxidants

  • Idaho Tansy: a tonic for many systems of the body; powerful immune support

  • Cistus: powerful immune support and respiratory support

  • Cumin: amplifies immunity

Dilute it 1:4 or use it neat (undiluted) on your feet, spine, and in the diffuser when you need extra support!

Manuka: This oil has been described as Tea Tree’s stronger, wiser, and more extravagant big sister. For all you know about using Tea Tree, know that Manuka does the same and more! It’s soothing and purifying for skin, hair, scalp and nails. For most jobs, it’s gentle enough to apply straight, without diluting. Use it:

  • On a pop-up blemish

  • In your daily face moisturizer

  • On minor skin abrasions

  • For a dry, itchy, crusty scalp

  • In a cleansing foot soak

  • For brittle nails

  • In homemade mouthwash or toothpaste

And as with all their essential oils, Young Living’s sourcing standards are pristine. Check out this video about the Manuka farm in New Zealand!