What to Look For When Choosing Spinach

spinach boxes.png

Spinach is AMAZING. It’s a no-brainer way to get your greens.

I mean, what could be easier than grabbing handfuls and dumping them in a smoothie, sauce, or soup? I feel like I’m cheating at this whole “healthy eating game” when I have one of these boxes around. No chopping, washing, prepping…and it lasts for days.

That is, IF you get the right container.

Like my designer sister says, “It’s all in the packaging.”

Here’s what I look for when I’m buying spinach to get the best bang for my buck and avoid spoilage:

  • ORGANIC spinach is a must. Read this article on why regular spinach is a no-no.

  • Pre-washed, because who wants dirty spinach, and who has time for washing? You gotta be able to just grab handfuls right outta the container.

  • A box, not a bag. The bag will trap too much moisture, smash the leaves together, and cause spoilage within a few days!

  • An air-tight box, not the aerated one with holes in the box and the inner liner. Spinach needs a little humidity to stay fresh, and I find my spinach gets wilted in that holey-box and liner within 48 hours.

  • Check underneath to see if there’s a lot of smashed leaves on the bottom. I try to find the box with the least bruised leaves and the least wetness inside the box. Too much moisture will lead to spoilage.

  • Remove any smashed leaves you see when you get home. Even a few bruised leaves will lead to spoiling the whole thing quickly.

  • If there’s a lot of water in there, add a paper towel to soak up the drops and leave in the box. This will help retain the needed humidity, but keep any water from pooling and creating decay.

Where I buy my Spinach

In my area, grocery stores usually have the airtight 1lb. boxes of pre-washed organic baby spinach for $4.99-$5.99.

Natural Grocers and Sprouts usually have them for this price, unless they’re running a sale.

But I typically get mine at Costco for $3.99. If they’re out of the airtight box, I buy the aerated box and transfer it to my empty airtight box when I get home. (Because…doesn’t everyone run to the store to replenish their spinach box when they use the last handful? I mean…we can go without toothpaste for a day or two, but God forbid we be spinachless.)

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