October 2019 ER Promos

Fall is in the air!

Bring the Fall freshness indoors - with REAL tree and spice oils!

Ditch those the candle carcinogens that cause headaches, asthma, and cancer.

Fuel your brain and body with these craveable oils instead! Replacing the harmful, with the helpful and healthful has never been so easy and delicious!


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Nutmeg Vitality   100PV


This is a powerful little oil. Yes, it's wonderful to bake with (FAR more flavorful than that old, dried-out nutmeg powder that's been on your shelf for years), and wonderful to diffuse during the holidays. But it packs a potent punch in the health arena, being extremely high in antioxidants...among other potent things! Visit PubMed and search "nutmeg oil", and take a look through the studies (FYI - not all are G-rated! ;)

  • Energy: Due to its adrenal cortex-like activity, Nutmeg Vitality oil is very energizing and stimulating when you're feeling sluggish.

    • Drink in smoothies

    • Add a drop to your NingXia Red

    • Add a drop to an empty capsule with olive oil

    • Rub on the inner arches of your feet

  • Bake: sub 1 drop for 1/2 a tsp of ground nutmeg in Banana Bread, Pumpkin Bread, Gingerbread Cookies, or dip a toothpick in the oil to sub for just "a dash."

  • Blend: Make an energizing Banana Bread Smoothie (milk, frozen bananas, spinach, protein powder, quick oats, dash cinnamon) with one drop Nutmeg per 2 servings.

  • Diffuse a drop with Thieves or Cinnamon in the diffuser for a comforting, spicy scent (think snickerdoodles, banana bread, pumpkin pie)

  • Discomfort/aches: Use diluted Nutmeg oil both topically as a massage for your joints, and take Nutmeg Vitality in a capsule internally to reduce the body's response to overuse and irritation.

  • Romance: This is a topic for another day. But Nutmeg oil is wonderful diluted as a massage oil, and has amazing effects on the emotions and body... check out "nutmeg oil" on PubMed and you'll see what I mean!


Cinnamon Bark + Orange   190PV

Cinnamon Bark: This is an ABSOLUTE favorite of mine this time of year! Totally essential for delicious dessert-inspired diffuser blends (click picture below for a few of my faves!) and perfectly fall-flavored drinks and baked goods.

Read all about how to use it in my Cinnamon Bark post here!

Orange is perfect for:

  • Pumpkin-spice things (diffuser blends, latte’s, room sprays)

  • Apple cider (immune-boosting + delish: 3 drops Thieves, 2 drops Orange per qt)

  • Cranberry-Orange Muffins (sub 2 drops orange per tsp of zest!)

  • Cinnamon roll frosting (1-2 drops per batch of frosting)

  • Water (add 1-2 drops daily for liver cleansing, immune response, and metabolism)

Click for some of my favorite fall diffuser recipes!

Click for some of my favorite fall diffuser recipes!


Life9 Probiotics  250PV


PSA: Not taking probiotics will equal gut problems.

Up until about 100 years ago, people ate fermented foods and NEVER took antibiotics…that was their “secret” to avoiding all the crazy-awful stomach issues that an estimated 74% of Americans (and likely more) suffer from as of late.

Mood disorders are also skyrocketing, and they too are benefited by restoring the probiotics in the gut.

If you’ve ever taken an antibiotic, it’s time to repair the damage from the Napalm bomb!

Gut issues are just the first domino to topple in the whole train of health. And replenishing the good bacteria, daily, is essential to turn it around!

Read here on my gut routine, and why I love these probiotics.


Cedarwood + Bergamot  300PV

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 3.14.30 PM.png

Cedarwood: This one is known for its brain-supporting properties.

It helps the pineal gland do it’s thang: aid in meditation/spiritual focus, and melatonin-making. So it’s great for prayer and grounding, as well as SLEEP! Thus, it’s in these blends:

  • Tranquil

  • SleepyIze (kids blend)

  • Stress Away

  • Brain Power

  • GenYus (kids blend)

  • Grounding

  • Inspiration

Also amazing for maintaining healthy hair growth! Add it to your shampoo or hair rinse, or make a scalp spray with water, witch hazel, and Rosemary.

Bergamot: (the Earl Grey tea oil). Ok. One of my top 5, ultimate favorite, single essential oils here.

It’s a citrus fruit peel oil! Not an herb! Like your other citrus oils, this one can be described as fresh, uplifting and zesty. But its unique scent is also refined, elegant, distinguished, and oh-so-fresh without being fruity.

Diffusing it is DIVINE. Check out the Apple Crisp diffuser blend above! Cannot get enough of it at our house. We pair it with the tree oils in the fall (like Cedarwood, Pine, Cypress, Northern Lights Black Spruce) and it’s fresher than you can imagine.

Studies show it’s POWERFUL for uplifting deep and heavy moods and emotions. Just search “bergamot oil mood” on PubMed. Also helps with weight loss and liver health, you’ll see if you explore more studies.

Frankincense 400PV


The king of all oils. Once reserved for royalty, this is a precious treasure to have in your first aid kit, beauty routine, and daily supplements.

Add a drop to your moisturizer morning/night for bonafide skin healing, wrinkle-busting benefits.

Massage into scars, or drop into wounds to prevent scarring. (Keep the area moisturized with carrier oil, or even the eye serum recipe.)

Or, make an eye serum in a dropper bottle or roller with 10 drops Frankincense, 10 drops Black Castor Oil, 1 capsule (pierced/squeezed) of Vitamin E and about 1/2 tsp of carrier (rosehip is great, or almond oil).

Major mood-helper. Powerful for the brain and calm/focus in the midst of panic.

If the miracles it does for the skin on your face, and the miracles it does for your mood aren’t enough to make your jaw drop , then check out some of the science on its chemistry!

The compounds incensole acetate (providing neurocognitive, neuroprotective support) and alpha-pinene (cell-protection/generation) will blow your mind. I’ve even heard of people getting it via an IV! Can’t get too much of this protective and healing oil into our bodies!