November 2018 ER Promos

Tis the season to get festive!

These woodsy, contemplative, grounding, and cheering essential oils bring me so much delight in the cold, shorter days. I’m absolutely LOVING this lineup!

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Nutmeg Vitality   100PV

This is a powerful little oil. Yes, it's wonderful to bake with (FAR more flavorful than that old, dried-out nutmeg powder that's been on your shelf for years), and wonderful to diffuse during the holidays. But it packs a potent punch in the health arena, being extremely high in antioxidants...among other potent things! Visit PubMed and search "nutmeg oil", and take a look through the studies (FYI - not all are G-rated! ;)

  • Energy: Due to its adrenal cortex-like activity, Nutmeg Vitality oil is very energizing and stimulating when you're feeling sluggish.

    • Drink in smoothies

    • Add a drop to your NingXia Red

    • Add a drop to an empty capsule with olive oil

    • Rub on the inner arches of your feet

  • Bake: sub 1 drop for 1/2 a tsp of ground nutmeg in Banana Bread, Pumpkin Bread, Gingerbread Cookies, or dip a toothpick in the oil to sub for just "a dash."

  • Blend: Make an energizing Banana Bread Smoothie (milk, frozen bananas, spinach, protein powder, quick oats, dash cinnamon) with one drop Nutmeg per 2 servings.

  • Diffuse a drop with Thieves or Cinnamon in the diffuser for a comforting, spicy scent (think snickerdoodles, banana bread, pumpkin pie)

  • Discomfort/aches: Use diluted Nutmeg oil both topically as a massage for your joints, and take Nutmeg Vitality in a capsule internally to reduce the body's response to overuse and irritation.

  • Romance: This is a topic for another day. But Nutmeg oil is wonderful diluted as a massage oil, and has amazing effects on the emotions and body... check out "nutmeg oil" on PubMed and you'll see what I mean!

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Northern Lights Black Spruce + Christmas Spirit   190PV

Northern Lights Black Spruce: PRAISE the Lord…this is a precious oil in our household and I’m blessed to get it FREE this month. This is my husband’s favorite… I use it to make his cologne, for respiratory support, for stress relief, for emotional uplifting, and so much more.

It’s not just ANY black spruce oil though. There’s something very unique about these trees which grow close to the Aurora Borealis. If you’re ever in Alaska, visit Young Living’s farm…you’ll be so glad you did!

Christmas Spirit: I’ve been WAITING for them to offer a 15ml size!!! I go through at least 2 5ml bottles of this each holiday season!! I will be using this everywhere in my DIY gifts and perpetually as a festive air freshener!

It’s a blend of Northern Lights Black Spruce, Cinnamon Bark, and Orange. It’s delicious, and reminiscent of holidays in my grandparents log home. It’s wonderful for immune support, energy balance, and diffusing it promotes a cheerful, uplifting atmosphere.

(If you’re on my team and are local, ask me about my Holiday Gift-Making DIY Night coming up this fall!)


Myrrh  250PV

Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 9.27.16 PM.png

Wow. This was on my list to order. This is a powerful oil. There’s a REASON it was offered to Jesus by the Wise Men! Gentle enough to be used on babies (and powerful enough for skin support to post-delivery mommas, too!), this oil has been used for MILLENNIA for all things health-related.

And, all things beauty-related!! Queen Hatshepsut, a female pharaoh, used this oil so much that she had myrrh trees brought up from Africa to be grown locally. She, and Queen Esther of the Bible used Myrrh oil for their lavish beauty regimes. It’s a wrinkle-smoother and scar-buster for sure.

Add to a roller ball with a skin-supporting carrier oil, and oils of your choice like Lavender and Frankincense, and marvel at your radiant skin!

It’s mentioned in the Bible 19 times directly, and 22 times indirectly as a component of the Holy Anointing Oil of the Temple.

(Tip: This oil tries to return to its hardened, resin-like state when exposed to oxygen. To keep your bottle from getting crusty and difficult to open, smear some olive oil or fractionated coconut on the inside of the lid.)

Myrrh is useful for brain/memory support, skin support, immune support, and emotional healing and grounding. It is a primary ingredient in the following blends and supplements from Young Living: Exodus II, GeneYus, Gratitude, InfectAway, MendWell, Oola Faith, White Angelica, and others.


Sacred Frankincense + Glass Diffuser Ornament  300PV

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Glass Diffuser Ornament: If you received an ornament in last year’s ER promos, this ornament is just as beautiful, but larger. Add essential oils to the reservoir, insert the reeds and hang on your tree or set on your desk to add pure-as-nature itself, festive fragrances to the air!

(Tip: to use less oil, combine 1 tsp rubbing alcohol or vodka with 8 drops essential oils in the reservoir. Add 3 Tbsp water and insert reeds.)

Sacred Frankincense: Speaking of gifts for Jesus…this precious oil is likely to be the species that the Wise Men brought from the East. They would have made their way to Israel via the Spice Route, which passes through Oman - the region to which this tree is native.

Young Living has received permission from the Omani government to partner with their Sacred Frankincense farm in Salalah. This species and grade of frankincense traditionally has been reserved exclusively for Omani royalty.

In the Bible, there are 21 references to frankincense, and 74 references to the mentions of the Sacred Incense (of which frankincense was a component).

Sacred Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) is used for cellular health, nervous system and brain support. It is higher in the monoterpene a-pinene than Young Living’s regular Frankincense (Boswellia carteri).