March 2018 ER Promos

Let that March wind sweep away the dust, clutter, and stuffiness of winter!

I don't know about you, but I'm done with this long winter. As the days get longer and the air warms up, it's time to open up the windows and get to work with some toxin-free spring cleaning!

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Through the Essential Rewards program, Young Living is making it so easy to tackle our cleaning goals in the most uplifting, toxin-free way possible!

Not enrolled in Essential Rewards? Click here for more info on how to ditch & switch toxic household products for all-natural, effective solutions...and get rewarded generously with promos like these, and more!

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Lemon Vitality - 100PV

Lemon essential oil is a must for cleaning! Create your own glass cleaners and replace your Goo-Gone adhesive remover with Lemon oil.  It's cleansing, brightening, uplifting, and is being studied in the clinical world for its effects on difficult moods and mental states. Not only is it detoxifying for the body, but it’s delightful in desserts and savory cooking. It’s far easier to add a drop of Lemon Vitality oil than zesting or juicing whole lemon!

Lemon essential oil dissolves petrochemicals, making it great for waxy, gummy residue removal.   It will break down plastic, so never drink it from or store it in plastic or foam containers. Always use glass, ceramic, or stainless steel.



Citrus Fresh & Thieves Dish Soap - 190PV

-Citrus Fresh is a happy blend of Orange, Tangerine, Grapefruit, Lemon, Mandarin, and the tiniest touch of Spearmint.  Use it in place of any of your citrus oils!

Freshen up the stuffy air in your home by diffusing Citrus Fresh, making room sprays, linen sprays, and dropping it on cottonballs to put in shoes, drawers, or vents.

-Thieves Dish Soap contains fresh smelling essential oils like Thieves, Jade Lemon, and Bergamot.  It's powered by plant-based surfactants/grease-dissolvers from coconut oil, sugar, alkaline washing soda, and other natural sources.  Safe enough to eat off of!

That blue gel you scrub your pots and pans with contains skin/respiratory irritants, isn't good for the environment, and may cause damage to the nervous system.  It received a D+ safety rating from the Environmental Working Group, yet we're drinking and licking it every day from our dishes! Gross!   Join me and make the switch to Thieves instead!



Thieves Cleaner Concentrate & Glass Spray Bottle - 250PV


This stuff works.  I'm not exaggerating when I say, this is the ONLY cleaner I have in my house! It's so versatile! Tubs, sinks, floors, counters, stovetop, oven, windows, upholstery, everything. It's a concentrate you dilute depending on your needs, and lasts forever! Get it while it's free, plus a convenient 16 oz. glass spray bottle!

Our skin quickly absorbs the hormone-disrupting, endocrine-damaging, asthma and allergy attack-inducing toxic chemicals we spray and scrub with in our home.   But Thieves Cleaner is completely made from plants! Nothing but Thieves oil and non-toxic surfactants from sugar and coconut oil. works like a boss.


Hope - 300PV

(Hope?? In a bottle? I know. It sounds a bit...New Agey/hippy/fill-in-the-blank.  But the more experiences I have with these YL blends, and the deeper I go into the science of how this stuff works, the more it is all making sense!)


This is a beautiful, powerful blend of 4 oils that help the limbic system of our brain sort through the gunk of our circumstances and forge a new path out of limiting, despairing patterns of thinking.

Diffuse this oil frequently whenever going through trying times or struggling with any sort of challenge. Apply it wherever you apply perfume, and on the outside edge of the ears (contains the accupuncture points for emotional healing).

What's in it:

Melissa - also known as Lemon Balm. This is oil is extremely valuable and costly to extract. A field the size of a standard football field only yields about 4 bottles of oil!!  

Melissa is incredibly potent for the immune system, and the ancient Roman physician Avicenna deemed it the "Elixir of Life." It was well-known for its relief of many things related to the heart, brain/nervous system, sleep, and intense emotional stress and tension.

Myrrh - high in sesquiterpenes, Myrrh is one of the components in the Holy Anointing Oil formula and the Sacred Incense formula given to Moses in Exodus. It was used in the anointing and incense formulas of many Ancient Near Eastern cultures because of its ability to ground one's mind and emotions and increase one's spiritual awareness.

It was used in Queen Esther's beautification treatments, and was also used widely for medical purposes and anti-aging purposes throughout the ancient world.  Myrrh is powerful for the endocrine system, the brain, and the immune system.

Juniper is a detoxifying agent that is effective in supporting the endocrine system and increasing energy. It is also used for emotional balance and can help elevate one's sense of spiritual awareness.

Spruce is a powerful respiratory aid and is used for neurological/brain support. It grounding for the body in regard to discharging chaotic energy (as many of the conifer oils are), and is helpful emotionally for releasing emotional blocks as it supports the pineal gland.