June 2018 ER Promos

Traveling this summer? Hanging out in the backyard and at the pool? These oils have got you covered!

They provide so many helpful benefits, giving your skin, your muscles, and your summer side dishes exactly what they need to be balanced and vibrant. 

PLUS....this month only, there is even a 400PV promotion!! Now's the time to stock up on supplements, pure/safe/effective insect repellent, and (non-toxic, non-nano particle) sunscreen- I know I am!  And don't forget about all those $$ back in points!

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Orange Vitality   100PV

Who doesn't love the bright, summery taste of citrus?  Even if you just diffuse it - this oil is wonderful for waking you up, putting some pep in your step, OR...(get this)...doing the opposite! If you combine it with lavender, it's a great "unwinding" blend for yourself or for restless kiddos on a road trip.

Orange oil it is high in d-limonene, a really helpful constituent in all citrus oils. The health benefits go on and on, but for flavor I put Orange Vitality oil in my:

  • Sparkling water
  • Smoothies
  • Grilling marinades
  • Vinaigrettes
  • Fancy beverages
  • NingXia Red
  • Shortcut-version of Orange Cardamom Iced Coffee
  • Fruit salads
  • Fresh cut fruit (mix a drop into a few tablespoons of water and sprinkle over fruit like pineapple, grapes, or strawberries!)
Citronella & Cypress.png

Citronella + Cypress   190PV

Citronella: With a smell that instantly reminds you of backyard candles and tiki torches (minus the nasty carcinogens!), the plant that releases this oil is related to Lemongrass, is native to tropical Asia and has been used for centuries for skin protection and for other therapeutic purposes.

  • Apply topically with some carrier oil for a refreshing and uplifting addition to your picnic or backyard barbecue!
  • A big component of Young Living's new Insect Repellent!   It's an oil/serum, so you just rub a tiny bit over your exposed skin. Lasts forever!
  • Make a spray with 25 drops Citronella, a tsp of carrier oil, 2 Tbsp of witch hazel and 2 Tbsp of water, and spray on skin when outdoors.  (Cypress, Lemongrass, and Geranium oils would be great to add as well!)

Cypress: This woodsy smell is a favorite of mine.

  • Massage into your legs before or after a hike or a run for supporting your veins and arteries, and calming muscle irritation.
  • Diffuse for a woodsy, grounding, chaos-clearing scent.
  • Add to a manly DIY aftershave, beard oil, or cologne for Fathers Day

Lemongrass  + Lavender 250PV

Lemongrass Lavender.png

Lemongrass: A-mazingly summery smelling. Just one drop has the scent power equivalent of 3-4 drops of other oils!

  • DIY your own deodorant with this lymph-cleansing, detoxing oil.
  • Add a few drops to any Thai curries, dipping sauces, or marinades
  • Add a drop (just one!) to a quart of iced green tea
  • Massage on sore muscles, and support your circulatory system

Lavender: Can't have enough lavender.  Just plan to ALWAYS keep another bottle on hand, because, it is the Swiss Army knife of oils!

  • I LOVE adding a drop of Lavender to a quart of lemonade. It's elegant and refreshing and the quintessential summer drink!
  • Make a DIY skin-soothing, after-sun spray!
  • Make a spray with 10 drops Lavender, 1 tsp witch hazel, and 3 Tbsp water to calm down antsy kids (or yourself) while road-tripping or flying.
  • Rub a drop on any skin irritation you receive from being outdoors (and I mean, any!)



    M-Grain   300PV

    Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 2.01.25 PM.png

    A relieving, cooling blend, perfect for any kind of tough head tension, or muscle discomfort of all kinds. Great for massaging cramping abdomens, quads, or necks. Contains the following oils:

    • Basil - muscle-relaxing, irritation-soothing, antispasmodic
    • Peppermint - cooling, refreshing, oxygenating, soothing
    • Marjoram - muscle-relaxing, calming, appeasing to constricting muscles
    • Lavender - calming, muscle-soothing, balancing, antispasmodic
    • Roman Chamomile- calming, soothing, stress-relieving
    • Helichrysum - assists with circulatory functions, reduces irritation and swelling in the muscles and the brain

    Roman Chamomile - 400PV

    Roman Chamomilelg.png

    This one...oh boy. This one is a wonder oil for sure. Think of all the super powers of Lavender in regard to soothing, healing, calming...from skin, to panic, to tantrums, to anger-dissolving, and more.

    AND it's been out of stock for forever!! It's a precious oil that is in high demand. It is in the roll-on blend Tranquil, in the kids' blend SleepyIze, and...oddly enough, this same oil that triggers relaxation also can trigger your drive and excitement, because it is the primary oil in the blend Motivation!