July 2018 ER Promos

I love this lineup of freebies! Summer is HERE and these are actually my biggest staples for beating the heat…including glass mason jars with a non-plastic, oil-safe straw!!!

July 19 PV promo.png

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Grapefruit Lip Balm   100PV

Regular lip balms have an ingredient in them that MAKES your lips dry out faster, making you use more lip balm to deal with the crusty lips below.

Plus - they typically contain pthalates, a type of plasticizer used in non-edible products that are known endocrine disruptors and carcinogens. Often it’s labeled as DEP, DBP, DEHP or “fragrance”. No thanks.

With this TOTALLY toxin-free lip balm, you don’t have to worry about a thing. AND - it makes for a great, toxin-free under-eye moisturizer!


Peppermint + Lavaderm Cooling Spray   190PV

Peppermint is a MUST for the summer. Make an A/C in a Bottle spray to cool off your kiddos or yourself in the hot sun, car, theme park line, or for those hot flashes!

One drop in a stale-smelling mouth is FAR more powerful than any fake-flavored gum or mint you can buy.

Read my full Peppermint Post here for its uses for throbbing head tension, iced tea, brownies, exercise/endurance enhancing water, body aches, and so much more!

Lavaderm Cooling Spray: I'm SO excited to get this in my order. I've created my own after-sun spray, but this one here is a powerful, tried and true favorite. Potent oils like Helichrysum, Black Spruce, and others complement the healing power of Lavender.  This is a bathroom cabinet staple is a miracle-worker if you've:

  • Fallen asleep on the beach without sunblock

  • Had an encounter between your hand and the grill that was anything but pleasant

  • Come in contact with an unfriendly plant with leaves of three...


Seedlings Natural Wipes 250PV


Baby Wipes, Makeup Wipes, and Feminine Care wipes:

  • Typically contain preservatives such as Quaternium-15, Diazolidinyl urea, and 1,3-dimethylol-5,5-dimethylhydantoin (or DMDM hydantoin) which release formaldehyde - a chemical that hurts our nervous system, brain, and hormones.

  • Plus, they usually contain parabens - a known estrogen-mimicker which is found in breast cancer tissue, and when accumulated, is linked to a host of hormone problems for boys and teen girls.

  • Even in “all-natural” wipes, the label fragrance is often used as a catch-all for scent-producing chemicals that are endocrine-disruptors.

Baby bottoms often react to these chemicals, especially if they are sensitive or have the MTHFr genetic mutation (which a steadily increasing percentage, of the population - at least 40% now- is estimated to have)!!

Save your baby’s bottom, and your own sensitive eyelids and female parts - with these totally amazing wipes!! You could even cut them in pieces to stretch them further, since they are much larger and thicker than typical baby wipes.


Lemon, Lavender, Glass Jar w/ Stainless Steel Straw   300PV


Mason Jar with Stainless Steel Straw: I was JUST about to buy another one of these! I love that glass and stainless don’t leave my drink tasting like nasty plastic. (Which means, I’m not ingesting those particles either! If you taste plastic, you’re actually consuming tiny bits of it in the drink!)

  • Since plastic particles like BPA and other plastic hardeners are known to be hormone-disrupting, and brain-damaging…I don’t need them in my life or my summer beverages, am I right?

  • Also - when you drink essential oils, (and you should for their detoxing properties, weight loss aid, and awesome flavor!) a jar like this with NO plastic is a must. Citrus oils dissolve plastic chemicals!

Lavender Vitality helps you the most elegant beverage by adding just one drop per quart of lemonade. Do it! It’s delicious!

  • Make a sleep capsule of 2 drops Lavender, 1 Frankincense and 1 Copaiba (or Roman Chamomile) for deep, restorative zzz’s. (Add a few drops of olive oil too as a carrier.)

  • After Sun Healing Spray - click here for my post on it.

  • Every bite, burn, scrape, itch, etc. Lavender is your Swiss Army Knife!

Lemon Vitality - Click here for a guide on SO many ways I use this beautiful oil.


Valor Roll-on 400pv


Valor: You need this for any thin nerves on the 4th of July. And for your dog too, if he’s a mess with the explosions. Just roll it in your hand, add another drop of carrier (2 more for a tiny dog), and pet your frazzled canine. It works wonders.

This roller is pre-diluted, ready to go on kids or yourself. The blend of Camphor, Blue Tansy, Black Spruce, Frankincense, and Geranium was developed based on a legend of Roman soldiers anointing themselves and their shields with a similar blend of botanicals before heading into battle.

Think "courage" in a bottle.  Make a roller and keep it with you at work and huff it during situations where confidence is needed.   I loved this...the Oil Collective Instagram has really cool info on this oil and how she uses it. SO good.

And, physically - it helps support bone healing and spine alignment!  Just like the idiom goes, if someone is "spineless", he doesn't have much courage, right?  Well, Valor supports and aligns your back and your skeletal structure. It's a powerful oil used in the Raindrop massage technique. At our house we massage it up and down the spine and on our feet whenever we're feeling "out of whack," and it makes a big difference.