July 2018 ER Promos

I love this lineup of freebies! These are AWESOME for summer. They do double-duty work on our bodies and brains (and some even do triple-duty):

  1. Topical/Physical support
  2. Emotional support
  3. Internal Health support
july 2018 er promos.png

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Lavender Vitality   100PV

What's not to love about lavender?  It is the Swiss Army knife of oils...so essential for the bites, bumps, bruises and bronzing of summertime!

With Lavender Vitality, you can make the most elegant beverage by adding just one drop per quart of lemonade.

Make a capsule of 2 drops Lavender, 1 drop Frankincense and 1 drop Copaiba for deep, restorative sleep.


Valor + Lavaderm Cooling Spray   190PV

OK - you guys, for just 190PV I'm blown away by  the value of this promo. These are two AWESOME products that I adore!

Valor: a blend of Camphor, Blue Tansy, Black Spruce, Frankincense, and Geranium in a base of coconut oil. This blend was developed based on a legend of Roman soldiers anointing themselves and their shields with a similar blend of botanicals before heading into battle.

Think "courage" in a bottle.  Make a roller and keep it with you at work and huff it during situations where confidence is needed.   I loved this...the Oil Collective Instagram has really cool info on this oil and how she uses it. SO good.

And, physically - it helps support your spine!  Just like the idiom goes, if someone is "spineless", he doesn't have much courage, right?  Well, Valor supports and aligns your back and your skeletal structure. It's a powerful oil used in the Raindrop massage technique. At our house we massage it up and down the spine and on our feet whenever we're feeling "out of whack," and it makes a big difference.

Lavaderm Cooling Spray: I'm SO excited to get this in my order. I've created my own after-sun spray, but this one here is a powerful, tried and true favorite. Potent oils like Helichrysum, Black Spruce, and others complement the healing power of Lavender.  This is a bathroom cabinet staple is a miracle-worker if you've:

  • Fallen asleep on the beach without sunblock
  • Had an encounter between your hand and the grill that was anything but pleasant
  • Come in contact with an unfriendly plant with leaves of three...

Geranium  250PV


I add this to my moisturizers, and to a blend we rub on our liver/kidneys.

It's also in DragonTime...(the best friend of every woman from age 12-50 before "that time" of the month!)

  • Skin: This is awesome for scaly, tough skin on your arms, legs, and face.
  • Can help slow bleeding if needed.
  • Bugs: they hate it!!
  • Liver: Incredible for any issues related to the liver. 
  • Hormones/Reproductive System:  Provides balance of ALL kinds.  (Guy hormones, girl hormones, 20s-30s women, pre-menopause/post menopause women...) EVERYONE can benefit from this balancing oil. It helps your reproductive system do what it's supposed to do, no matter if it's too high or too low on things.



    AromaLife   300PV

    aroma life.png

    This one is used by some people daily for some pretty important things like heart health and circulation concerns.   Put it over your heart and brain stem for starters, and check your RefGuide app if you want to know more.  It contains:

    • Cypress - muscle-relaxing, irritation-soothing, antispasmodic, vascular-supporting
    • Marjoram - muscle-relaxing, calming, appeasing to constricting muscles, helps rebuild muscle tissue
    • Ylang Ylang- calms anger, helps support heart and pressure
    • Helichrysum - assists with circulatory functions,  helps cleanse vascular system, reduces irritation and swelling in the muscles and the brain