January 2019 ER Promos

This month’s focus is: getting that body back in gear!!

I have been counting down the weeks to this very week for 2 solid months.

Every missed workout due to family gatherings, every queasy stomach due to way too much food I didn’t really need to eat, and all the sluggishness that accompanies being trapped indoors and in cars on road trips…

It all has finally come to an end. The week of redemption is here. Let the re-set begin!

jan -ER 2019.png

Each of these free oils are perfectly lined up for the cleansing, detoxing, moving, and gut-rebuilding that our bodies (well, mine at least) so desperately need! If you’re on ER, you’re set.

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Digize Vitality.png

DiGize Vitality   100PV

I hit this one up with ALL the rich holiday meals. 2 drops in a capsule with a little olive oil after eating.

And I hit it HARD with a certain, shall we say, “upset stomach issue” that was passed around at our family gathering! It seriously came to my rescue in a big way. I never travel without it!

And NOW…I’m pounding it for a digestive system deep-cleanse I’m doing! It is KILLER for the bad guys in your gut, and promotes healthy digestive function = win-win-win. Alongside my deep-cleanse routine supplements of ParaFree and ComforTone, I’ve been taking lots of drops of DiGize Vitality in a capsule 2x a day for a week. Let me tell you without too many details…it’s been so helpful. My gut needed a re-set for sure.

Read more about DiGize and why/how it works here.


Citrus Fresh + Life9   190PV

Citrus Fresh (15ml): Clear the air. Clean your house. Cleanse your bod. Citrus Fresh does all these things and more.

Winter just necessitates this oil blend, with all the citrus peel oils that are studied for their effects on uplifting the mood and outlook on life! Liquid happy in a bottle. Google it. Or see this post on how it works.

  • Diffuse it like crazy! I add 4 drops + 1 drop of Peppermint and call it my “Cheer Up” or “Get Up & Clean the House" blend.

  • Add 10 drops to a little spray bottle with a smidge of vodka or witch hazel, fill with water, and spritz it all over the house and linens to clear out stale, stuffy odors.

  • Add it to your DIY Thieves concentrate window/floor/countertop cleaners. SO fresh.

  • Use it like Lemon oil in any detoxing protocols. Just rub a drop on your liver, or add Citrus Fresh Vitality oil to your glass/stainless water bottle.

Life9 Probiotics: Probiotics have been KEY for my gut health! I take mine nightly and they help with my weight, digestion, and lots more. They’re part of my New Year’s Resolution! Read all about probiotics there!

Most functional medical practitioners say that we ALL, no matter our age or state of health, need to be on a high quality probiotic! Especially if you’ve ever:

  • Been on antibiotics?

  • Wanted to maintain a healthier weight?

  • Wanted to improve your mood/brain health?

  • Needed to stay regular/have proper digestion?

  • Hoped to manage/prevent inflammation?

Then you need probiotics!

Keep these in the fridge - they’re alive, and need to stay that way to help you! (Beware of any cheap drugstore brands that aren’t refrigerated. Many probiotics are mostly dead by the time they make it to your home.)


Longevity  250PV


This blend’s name displays the goal it was meant to help us achieve!

When I see this bottle, I think “Antioxidant Superhero.” Antioxidants scavenge free radicals, and are our best friend when dealing with aging, unhealthy or dangerous skin and tissues, healing, preserving cellular health, and more.

A cocktail of some POWERFUL oils (Thyme, Clove, Orange, Frankincense) that have been studied for their incredible free-radical scavenging and immune system supporting-effects, many people take this in capsules daily and have re-gained their health after long-standing issues! Whether you’re recovering after surgery and seeking cellular support, or targeting a specific health goal, Longevity is worth looking into.

YL sells this in pre-made capsules too for convenience.


PanAway  300PV


If your goal is getting active again - DOUBLE HIGH FIVE!!! You’ll lose weight, get deeper sleep, and re-gain energy…but PanAway is going to be your best friend as you hit the gym.

Don’t let that post-workout acheyness scare you from doing what your body needs most in these dreary months: physical activity! Do a ratio of 1 part PanAway to 4 parts carrier oil in a roller bottle, and swipe on your joints and major muscle groups before AND after working out. Massage it in well to ease back into your workout routine comfortably!

This one has been HUGE in our house for re-gaining motion and comfort after a difficult incident. Read all about PanAway here. Containing pricy and powerful Helichrysum, I love getting this one free since it’s one of the more costly blends in the Starter Kit.