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Thieves: A Winter Must

Thieves: A Winter Must

Thieves:  A Winter Must

Thieves is a go-to for me. My husband and I encounter hundreds of opportunities weekly to contract the sniffles (or worse) from the little people and big people we work with during the dreaded winter season.  This potent oil has radically changed my preventative measures and emergency-response procedures for the better this year, and it has been incredibly effective!  Whether or not it's cold outside, immunity is an important priority for us, and if it is for you too, here is a cheat-sheet you might find helpful. 

It’s a Christmasy smelling blend of these essential oils:

There are so many uses for Thieves, it's hard to know where to start, but here's a list of my favorite uses:


  • In a 2 oz. spritzer in my purse for DIY hand sanitizer that I take EVERYWHERE in the germy winter days.

  • For cleaning kitchen and bathroom countertops, door handles, and the floor (I buy the Thieves Cleaner Concentrate and dilute it 1:15 in a glass spray bottle).


Over-(my)-Counter Immune System Support

I rarely go to Target anymore, guys (except for cute packaging supplies and light bulbs).  My oils are my Target. CVS/Walgreens? Nope.  Skincare, wellness, and pharmacy products are taken care of already.


Over the past 8 months we've had very few sicknesses (and haven't at all needed to go to the doc, OR to our holistic doc). When we we have been under the weather, we haven't needed to use any pharmacy-aisle products, save one bad sinus deal. Shouldn't have wasted my $ even then - since hubs only needed 2 doses before some other tricks knocked it out.

  • A drop of Young Living Thieves oil in a cup of warm water with a couple teaspoons of honey. I drink it when I've been exposed, fallen ill, or simply to boost immunity. Think "Theraflu" meets "Airborne", but better.

  • As a cough/sore throat syrup for its bug-busting, pain-relieving, and congestion-clearing effects . I mix 5-6 drops in a small glass jar with frankincense and a few tablespoons of honey, and take a little spoonful whenever I need it.

  • On my neck and throat and chest in a roller bottle when I've been around sneezy-coughy people. (Here's a study on how essential oils can be absorbed QUICKLY through the skin). Always dilute this oil at least 1:4 when putting it on face skin - 1 drop Thieves per 4 drops "carrier oil," like olive, coconut, almond, etc.)

  • As a gargle/on my toothbrush to stop any bugs from taking over those areas. Clove & cinnamon are highly effective at controlling oral pathogens.


Courtesy @oilcollective via Instagram

Courtesy @oilcollective via Instagram

In the Air

  • In a diffuser (i.e., vaporizer/humidifier for essential oils). Just 3-4 drops works as an AMAZING spiced cider-smelling air cleanser when we've had illness or illness-carriers in our home (Click here for a study on the cinnamon bark oil's effects on bacteria.)

  • In a diffuser to support respiratory system health. Eucalyptus and rosemary oils (both in Thieves) are great for helping to get mucus moving to breathe easier! There are lots of studies out there for those oils.

  • In a diffuser while sleeping when under the weather ... for the above reasons.


YES - Thieves works for me. I seriously have the urge to douse everything in it, but for now am sticking with the above methods.  There's science behind this blend - google it for yourself. Its ingredients have a deadly effect on bacteria, viruses and even molds - so why not oil it up?


To sum it up, you need Thieves as a cleaner, for immune system support, and diffused in the air this winter because:

  • Clove and cinnamon are powerful germ-fighters in the air, in your system, and on surfaces.

  • Eucalyptus and rosemary are impressive respiratory supporters.

  • And lemon's gunk-fighting skills... with or without facts, isn't everything just better with lemon? Even still - there's a study for that oil too. (I just learned that limonene, a compound in lemon oil, aids in the absorption of the clove oil - isn't that beautiful?)

P.S:  Let me know if you want some of this for the wholesale price!   It's also included in the Young Living Starter Kit, which includes 10 other AMAZING oils and this diffuser as well.

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