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Thai Basil Beef & Lemongrass Rice Bowls

Thai Basil Beef & Lemongrass Rice Bowls

This is one of my favorite go-to dishes when I want to do something with ground beef, but want a little bit of Asian amazingness too.  American food just becomes super bland, super quick for me.


Standard American food?...just, meh.

Guys, I did something really hard. For me at least. And I'm pretty proud of myself for doing it. If you know me at all, you'll be proud of me too.

I ate the same meal every single day for 5 days in a row.  And it was AMERICAN food. 

On vacation a couple weeks ago, we ate easy (but on a budget) thanks to Costco. No raw meat clean-up for me when I'm supposed to be chilling by the pool, thank you very much. We grilled amazing grass-fed burgers (frozen and fully cooked! so they were super easy and surprisingly delish) and crazy good grass-fed, nitrate-free beef brats every day. (Go get some.) On lettuce wraps and Trader Joe's GF buns (because who wants to feel gross from bloaty carbs and gluten on vacay).

The food was incredible, but ...eating burgers and brats all the time got a little old. By Day 5, I found myself looking ahead and loathing the thought of the good ol' American fare on the family's 4th of July menu.  My usual American food semi-tolerance had reached an all-time low. 

Really, I had become pretty bored with all food in general those past few weeks. Just give me an oil-spiked beverage and a protein shake and I'll be fine.  My appetite and food-obsession had taken a vacation. 

Then it hit me - I hadn't had Asian food in OVER a month. That was my problem! When everything else is ...meh,  Asian-anything will remind me that I really do love eating.  And thus... Thai was the FIRST thing we consumed upon entering the city limits...and all was well with my food-obsessed self.

Proteiny, Practical and Palate-Pleasing

So what happens when you've got a protein that is 1. super practical, 2. super affordable even if it's grass-fed/ organic, and 3. that thaws super fast...(like raw ground beef, for instance)...but you're sick of American food?

Turn it into Thai!


This is my twist on a recipe from my favorite food blogger, Tieghan Gerard at half-bakedharvest.com. I've sung her praises before, and will continue to do so til kingdom-come...she's just that good.

I especially adore her "bowls". Various edible delights all coming together in one spherical dish.

Each time I try a new one from her blog, I ask myself: how can she seriously combine so many awesome flavors, stick them all in a bowl and have it meld together so harmoniously?  

Thai food with its salty-sweet-tangy-umami flavors can have that euphoric effect on me consistently, but Tieghan wows me every time by crafting bowls showcasing not just Thai, but Mediterranean, American, breakfast, and beyond. She's like a skilled artist with a bowl for a canvas, knowing no limits to the flavor-pops she weaves in to her masterpieces.

Now. Her photography is impeccable, because she knows what she's doing. So head on over to her blog and see her post, 20 Minute Thai Basil Beef with Lemongrass Rice Bowls  for the full scoop, and even a video.

Here are my pics of my process, adapted slightly for ease.

Carrot+Pepper Slaw

  • carrots / red pepper / lime juice
  • honey / sesame oil / fish sauce / Sriracha

Coconut+Lemongrass Rice

Thai Basil Beef

  • ground beef
  • garlic / grated ginger / black pepper / soy sauce / Thai Basil / Sweet & Sour sauce


  • carrot+pepper slaw
  • cilantro / lime / Thai Basil / peanuts or cashews

To solve life's mystery of how to make lemongrass edible, watch this video.  Or just get Young Living oils.

Go to halfbakedharvest.com for the original recipe and a video

Thai Basil Beef Bowls.png
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