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Citrus Fresh: Smell the Rainbow

Citrus Fresh: Smell the Rainbow

If, by eating Skittles you can taste the rainbow,

then by diffusing Citrus Fresh you can smell it. And then clean with that rainbow. And make all kinds of fun drinks with it. Plus lose some weight with it.


—-Yes, lose weight with it.—

Rainbows are glorious things, aren’t they?

The rainbow I’m talking about is the brilliant array of liquid sun citrus fruit oils.

Courtesy Instagram @oilcollective

Courtesy Instagram @oilcollective

(But since we’ve mentioned Skittles, try this diffuser combo: 4 drops Citrus Fresh and 1 drop Geranium. Smells just like that childhood candy without the artificial coloring and corn syrup.)

A Blend of Sunshiny Citrus Oils


So which oils are in this cheery blend called Citrus Fresh?

  • Orange

  • Tangerine

  • Grapefruit

  • Lemon

  • Mandarin

  • A touch of Spearmint for a refreshing finish.

It’s quite citrusy. And since it’s literally a blend of citrus oils, Citrus Fresh can be used in many of the places you use Lemon essential oil. (Check out my post here on all things Lemon!)

A Starter Kit Star

Because of its versatility and popularity, this essential oil blend is now included in the Starter Kit! Click here to see what else comes in the kit of must-have, do-all oils.

Free in August!

I got a bottle of Citrus Fresh for FREE since I’m on the Essential Rewards points-back program! And you can too! Whether you’re getting your Starter Kit, or placing a 100pv order of oils/supplements/toxin-free cleaners/toothpaste/makeup/whatever…you get a free oil (or oils!) every month, and this month is our favorite citrus star.

Gonna be a Bright, (bright), Bright, and Sunshiny Day

Yes, you can wake up on the right side of the bed with this oil blend.

While I want to go SO beyond simply sniffing this oil in this “how-to-use” blog post, I’d be amiss if I didn’t at least mention its emotionally uplifting effects.

Young Living’s Citrus Fresh blend usually appears in sentences with some form of the word “cheer,” or its synonyms (cheery, cheerful, happy, positive, uplifting).

Part 3 of my blog series, “Emotions, the Brain, & Oils”

Part 3 of my blog series, “Emotions, the Brain, & Oils”

I thought the whole “emotional boost” concept and the word “cheery” were a little over-used. Hating to fall prey to marketing schemes or the use of cliches, I did some research to see if there is anything to back up these seemingly “fluffy” claims.

As it turns out, the oils in this blend are actually studied for their seriously emotionally uplifting properties. Google citrus oil + mood + clinical. It’s nuts.

There’s plenty of scientific articles out there on the power of citrus peel oils (REAL oils, I mean…not cheap synthetic “oils” labeled as 100% pure!) on raising mood, lowering frustration/anxiousness, and increasing optimism.

They do SO much more than that… but hey - if we can depend on drops of plants for supporting our minds and hearts instead of turning to chemicals with awful side effects, isn’t that reason enough to get some?

Diffuse 6 drops of this beauty, or any combination of citrus oils and breathe it in deep for a little while on a rainy day, on a sad day, on a dirty-house day, on a can-I-just-stay-in-bed kind of day, and I guarantee your mood will shift. It’s science.

Click here for my 3-part blog series “Emotions, The Brain, and Oils” to see how all this works. Go to straight to Part 3 if you want a helpful rundown of different types of oils and their effects (like citrus, tree oils, florals, etc.)

What to do with Citrus Fresh

Here’s where I’m going with Citrus Fresh. In this post, let’s talk about:

  • Drinks

  • Weight Loss

  • Diffusing

  • Cleaning

First off…drinks on me!

Let’s Make Some Beverages!

I cannot get enough of these citrus oils.


Why? Cuz they taste good.

I mean, sure, from a health perspective it’s true that citrus oils:

  • are proven to aid in weight loss (more on that below),

  • they help support your adrenal glands and blunt the effects of cortisol on your body

  • they help your liver detox

  • they help your body make glutathione (crucial for energy and anti-aging)

  • (ok…don’t believe me? Want some science? I’m working on a whole post full of the articles and links and wonderful data to back up these amazing claims. Subscribe and stay tuned!!)

But…besides all that…they just taste incredible. And Citrus Fresh is just a blend of all of them in a bottle to make it easy.

If you know me, you’ve probably noticed that I have an addictive, but easily bored palate. So I crave FLAVOR. I want exciting. I want awesome.

I want the bougie-foodie-level of drinkables and edibles (minus that accompanying bougie hipster price tag, of course $$$). Not just on the weekends and holidays, but every day. And my essential oils give me just that. For literally a couple pennies.

But Wait…Don’t Drink Just Any Essential Oil!

Citrus peels are highly saturated with pesticides. The average peel has enough toxins on it to exceed the limit a 44lb child should be exposed to in one day. And there are tens of thousands of cheap bottles on the shelves and online claiming to be “100% pure , organic essential oil!” that ARE NOT ORGANIC. They can slap anything they want on that label…the USDA does not regulate oils! You have to know your company and your growers, and there’s many ways to cut corners and include pesticides, waxes, preservatives, fillers, and synthetic scents to these “essential oils”. This is especially true the more middle men that are involved.

I only drink Young Living oils because I know their processes, their standards, their testing, their history, and their mission. Most companies cut corners, and you have no way of knowing whether their “3rd party testing” is legitimate. More on that here.

Now…let’s get on with it! here’s how I drink my Citrus Fresh.


Iced Tea

Black tea = bland. (I get it - soda definitely seems more exciting.) But here’s how I do it…

Black tea + Citrus Fresh + a little Stevia? A little lemon wedge on the side? = Summer Bash in a Pitcher!

  • Make a quart of black or green iced tea.

  • Once cool, transfer to glass pitcher.

  • Add 1 drop Citrus Fresh per serving.

Sweeten with stevia if you like it sweet. The best kind I’ve found that doesn’t give me a headache or leave a weird aftertaste is this liquid (I do 5 drops per serving) or this powder (1 tsp per serving).


Got company coming? Get a glass pitcher, add 1 drop Citrus Fresh (or any citrus oil, really) per cup, pour that filtered water on top, and chill it. Hostess of the Mostess award goes to you and your fancy water… and you barely lifted a finger. (They don’t have to know that though, especially if they’re in-laws. It’s our little secret :)

Now. Let’s talk about your personal intake of eight, 8 oz servings a day. Yes, I know. Drinking enough water can be a chore. Unless it’s got some zest to it, am I right?

Citrus essential oils are the zest-spritzes (official new term) of citrus peels. So there’s no acid. No sourness. No tooth damage.


Just super clean tasting, d-limonene (a potent antioxidant)-filled, cell-protecting, detoxifying, sunshiny-bright-tasty properties of those citrus peels. You’ll like the taste of your water better, and your bod will love the benefits you’re imbibing!

Simply add a drop to your GLASS or STAINLESS STEEL or CERAMIC drinking vessel. (Why those? Because plastic will be dissolved by citrus oils (which is a really good thing inside our body… see below!). So just say no to plastic cups/bottles, or plastic straws when you’re hittin’ up those citrus oils, mmmkay?

Sparkling Water

Same idea here, Hostess of the Mostess. Spritz up that soda water with some oils, ice, and a squeeze of citrus juice and boom - there it is. DELISH. And way better than La Croix!!


Forget those simple syrup concoctions or the bourgeois practice of “muddling” your fruit. Citrus oils kick it up a zesty notch with ZERO added effort or unwanted sourness. Drop in your Citrus Fresh to the glass before adding the other ingredients to let it disperse.

  • Sangria: add 6 drops to your glass pitcher. The flavor is unbeatable.

  • Blue Moon beer: squeeze an orange wedge and add a drop to the glass.

  • Mimosas: add 1 drop per champagne flute.

  • Screwdrivers: add 1 drop to the glass.

  • Or, for a fun mocktail: Sparkling Water + Lemon Squeeze + Fruit Juice +1 drop Citrus Fresh!

Citrus Fresh and Weight Loss


You better believe it. Multiple citrus fruit essential oils have been studied over and over for their weight loss benefits, including those in this essential oil blend.

Clinical Studies on Citrus Oils & Weight Loss

In these clinical studies, the oils were either ingested or inhaled…resulting in craving reduction, reduction of liver tissue issues, increased lipolysis (fat burning), and more. Stay tuned for my upcoming post on the all the science behind using oils for weight loss!

How Do I Use Citrus Fresh to Support Weight Loss?

Answer: The same 3 ways we use other oils. Aromatically, internally, and topically.

In that upcoming science-backed post, I’ll give you some basic protocols for weight loss with citrus oils. In the meantime - just diffuse and drink your oils whenever you can!

Start by drinking 1 drop a day, and over the next few weeks slowly increase to 3-4 drops.

AND - get this - you can apply Citrus Fresh topically to smooth out cellulite areas and cleanse your liver! (Just don’t suntan your target areas afterwards, since citrus oils make you prone to sunburn for a few hours.)

Want details? Do a search on the “Petrochemical Detox Protocol with Citrus Fresh”. It’s basically a cellulite-reducing, toxin-breakdown protocol that uses a few bottles of Citrus Fresh, some Grapefruit oil in capsules, and a powerful detoxifying oil called Ledum. More on that in the upcoming weight loss post!!!

My Clean-Smelling, Happy Place


Again - remember: Citrus oils = ALL things mood lifting. Click here for that Emotions/Brain series on why that’s true.

Got a cranky toddler (spouse/parent/coworker/boss/classroom/roommate/all of the above)? Diffuse 4-5 drops of of this and a few drops of Joy essential oil.

House smell like fishsticks? Diffuse 4-5 drops of this and 3 drops of an herb like lemongrass oil or Purification.

Feeling like you don’t have the energy to get up in the morning? Diffuse this and a few drops of Peppermint to wake up, cheered up. Rub that combo on your wrists, or make it into a roll-on to keep with you.

I’ve realized it’s just a good habit to use plants to make the house smell good instead of synthetic, fake fragranced candles or air fresheners that are as dangerous as smoking cigarettes and huffing diesel fuel.


AND…for the grand finale. If you thought reducing cravings, increasing fat burning, and making a huge dent in that Debbie Downer disposition were amazing, then get this:

You can do all the above while CLEANING your bathroom…toxin-free style!!!

Betcha your bleach can’t do that!

How I Clean My Floors blog post

How I Clean My Floors blog post

That’s right! Kick those toxins to the curb in a citrusy-fresh way.

Make your cleaners kill two or three birds with one stone, and add Citrus Fresh to your all natural cleaners.

Why? Because it’s an awesome de-greaser, de-gunker, and de-odorizer.

I personally use it:

  • in my floor mopping solution (here’s my blog post on that!)

  • to get stubborn waxy/sticky labels off things

  • as an odor-absorbing, clean-smelling carpet freshener (10 drops + 1 c baking soda). I sprinkle it on my rugs or carpets and vacuum up a few hours later or right before guests arrive. (You’ll win the Upgraded VIP Hostess of the Mostess award for this one.)

So there you have it, folks.

As usual, there’s more uses in these profile-oil-posts than you can shake a stick at. But anytime you’re wanting a Citrus Fresh usage refresher, come on back here and pull out another hidden treasure use for this liquid sunshine rainbow.

Your bod, mood, and house will thank you.

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