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Tropical Green Goddess Smoothie

Tropical Green Goddess Smoothie

This is one of my most beloved, most amazing, always make it year round, best of my life, green drinks ever.

I have more superlatives to use, but you get the idea.

This morning’s refreshing breakfast.

This morning’s refreshing breakfast.

It’s from the aptly named book, The Best Green Drinks Ever. By my hero, Katarina van Wyk.

Green does NOT mean grassy. These are truly tasty concoctions. And most don’t even require a juicer!

Scroll down for the Green Goddess pineappley-goodness recipe!

My Green Drink Bible

My friends know I’m obsessed with this book. I’ve been referring anyone who wants to get easy, delicious, nutritious stuff in their body, for the past 5 years straight.

It’s basically the Bible of green drinks.

(Disclaimer: If you feel so led to get this book, Amazon Affiliates has now agreed to give me a tiny bonus if you purchase it through my blog post….at no extra cost to you!)


My Version of Green Goddess

I use frozen pineapple (Costco buy!!) when fresh pineapples aren’t in season, and I always keep kale or spinach, cilantro and romaine on hand for my other meals…so this is just a no-brainer for a nutrient booster.

I use SPINACH (Costco again!!) because it fits my weekly “Whole Box Spinach Challenge”. Click here for more spinach uses to get your greens!

I pair it with a few boiled eggs for protein, and it makes for a really balanced breakfast (with absolutely no 11am crash-and-burn that I would have if I’d eaten a bunch of carbs!!!)

(A tip on blending: Add your greens first to the blender. Then the liquids and lime. Blend to get those greens real good and blended, then add your pineapple chunks and whir til smooth.)

Just try it and you’ll be in love too. <3

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