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Allergy Hack - No Need for Neti!

Allergy Hack - No Need for Neti!

I’ve written many times about little life-hacks for avoiding “seasonal sensitivities.” I’m excited to say that I now manage my nose in spring and fall quite easily. That’s because breathing well has literally become a passion of mine.

I’ve come a long way since I was a kid, having to take Claritin (or Zyrtec, or Allegra) 365 days a year, plus Flonase at some points. And with all those drugs, I still suffered immensely when those trees and weeds started popping.

But here’s the beautiful thing: I breathe freely now, about 95% of the time. No drugs needed.

I’ve got several tools in my toxin-free toolkit that have made this possible. Essential oils, a few diet changes, and some liver/gut cleanses have helped immensely for the root issues. See some of my “breathing hacks” posts here.

Those things can be done either as needed (oils) or over the long-term (like eating habits or doing a cleanse.)

But there is one thing that makes a HUGE difference that I do daily…I just add it in after washing my face and brushing my teeth.

The Pros of Nasal Rinsing

You read right. I daily rinse, yes, rinse my nose out. We clean our hands, we clean our body, we clean our mouths…because they get grimy. So why not our sinuses?

If you’ve read my other posts on keeping the cold & flu bugs away, or dealing with pollen and dust, you’ve heard me gush over Neti pots and saline solution.

It just makes sense to clear out the debris. Flush out the dust and pollen, and loosen the mucus that just accumulates there during allergy season or flu season. It’s like having re-born sinuses…daily.

So, I used to always recommend a Neti Pot or a bottle of saline solution (yes, the kind for your eyes, but not actual multipurpose contact solution) before blowing your nose. Especially when you wake up stuffy or don’t want to snore in your sleep.

The Cons of Neti Pots and Saline Solution

Neti Pots


In my experience, Neti pots are clunky, awkwardly shaped, take an extra 10 minutes to prep because you need cooled-down boiled water/un-iodized salt/baking soda, and you have to crane your neck like a…well, crane, to get it to work right.

And…it usually burns. Boo.

Best of all…you feel like you’re drowning. (Maybe I’m weird, but I just don’t hop out of bed brimming with excitement for that part of my morning routine.) And after all is said and done- it only works for me about half the time.

Extra steps and drowning feelings are NOT what I need when I am feeling brain-fogged due to being under the weather, or allergied-up. So I just used Saline Solution on the daily.

Saline Solution


My optometrist friend recently informed me that the chemicals and preservatives in saline solution can be pretty sketch. And the manufacturers can even change the formulas, using different chemicals that can cause reactions for some people, without disclosing the change on the label.

Best to buy a more pure saline solution, or better yet - one developed specifically for your sensitive nasal membranes like this one. But those are a little pricy!

Cue the newest star of my spring allergy season, and this blog post.

The Nasopure System

Nasally-resident pollen particles have met their match.

Nasally-resident pollen particles have met their match.

Oh My WORD. Where has this been all my Neti-using adult life?

Meet my new Neti. It’s called “Nasopure”, and it’s SO brilliantly simple.

The newest addition to my morning routine.

The newest addition to my morning routine.

I just keep a jug of distilled water under my bathroom counter. Pour in a little water, add the pre-measured packet of perfectly mixed saline, give it a shake, and squeeze gently!

Voila - clean and clear nasal passages. It’s heavenly.

No neck-craning necessary!

It’s SO simple, I can’t believe it wasn’t invented sooner. Kids use it too…the videos of little 4 year olds using it effortlessly and with no drowning-trauma is what sold me. If they can do it, by golly, so can I! Watch here.

Seriously amazing. And so affordable…you just wash and re-use your bottle.

Where to Get it

Get it through their site, or find it here on Amazon for about $12. And since I’ve been using just 1/2 a packet of the buffered saline mix per use, it’s going to last me a while, but more packets can be bought in bulk here (on sale for $15 now!)

Safer and more thorough of a cleanse than the eye saline solution, and easier than a Neti pot.

If you or your kiddos have any, any sinus/dry nose/itchy/snoring/sniffling issues whatsoever, I’m convinced this will help you as much as it is helping me!

ALSO - I’ve just partnered with Amazon Affiliates for the books or products I use regularly and talk about here on my blog. If you buy a Nasopure (or anything else you need!) through a link on my posts, Amazon pays me a tiny percentage. Your cost is the same with or without the link. :)

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