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Spring Cleaning (toxins not included)

Spring Cleaning (toxins not included)

We’re long-overdue at our house for a 4 1/2 years of married-life-clutter purge. I’ve already de-cluttered my cleaning cabinet. Now it’s time to de-clutter the house and deep clean underneath it all with my one and only cleaning solution.

Cleaning - the “Cheap/Easy/Safe/Kick-Butt” Way

Are you guys interested in some cleaning hacks? What if you could have:

Cheaper, safer, easier-than-a-Target-run cleaning solutions from just ONE bottle and a couple things from your pantry?

  • That you can use with your bare hands and breathe in those vapors like they’re fresh air?

  • That your kids can spill all over themselves, no 1-800-Poison-Control call needed?

  • That your pets can lick up without keeling over?

But…that actually work? (I’m talking kick-butt cleaning. Things that hands-down beat all my old regular cleaners and those supposedly “all-natural” (***ahem-lies!***) substitutes that I used to have.)


Yep…that’s germ-beating, gunk-busting, grime-blasting solutions... from nature. Are you up for it?

I hope you are. Because I’ve waited a long time to share this, and I’m finally ready to come out of the [cleaning] closet and admit how I clean (or don’t clean) my house. and what it does and doesn’t involve.

But first - let me explain where I’m coming from, so you don’t get the wrong idea.

Hello, my name is Jordan, and I’m a germaphobe.

E. coli colony growing within a few hours (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

E. coli colony growing within a few hours (Courtesy: Wikipedia)

Despite your impression of me from knowing me in person or just through my little corner of the web… I AM NOT a crunchy hippy who loves dirt floors, invokes the 5 Second Rule blessing on dropped food items, and walks barefoot in cow pastures. NOPE. Not this girl.

Germs cause disease, people. Can we just be real about that?

Up until a few years ago, I would douse everything questionable in various dilutions of bleach - whether at home or abroad.

(Literally, at home and abroad. My world was rocked when I found out while traveling abroad that the rest of the world just doesn’t understand hygiene or sanitary practices, even in other first world countries. I kept hand sanitizer, in my literal hand, at all times while out and about, and doused the cups, floors and counters in straight up bleach whenever the roommates were gone. There were roaches, ok?)

Courtesy: pixabay

Courtesy: pixabay

Given this clean-freak “struggle” - it would have been impossible for me to make the switch to “all-natural, non-bleach” alternatives if I hadn’t seen scientific evidence that these options ACTUALLY do the job.

So if you’re a germ-hater and have held off on this “green cleaning” idea because of it, just know - I’ve got you. Trust me -from one germaphobe to another, this stuff is legit.

What Cleaning Is

Things have totally changed for me. I used to HATE cleaning. I felt crappy afterwards. But now, here’s what cleaning is for me:

  • I feel carefree about it. I can breathe…no more noxious safety hazards.

  • I feel happy while I clean!!! No joke. The cleaning ingredients are aromatherapeutic!

  • It’s one cleaning solution. Just one concentrate that I dilute and spray. (Sometimes using a couple other boosters, like baking soda for scrubbing power.)

What Cleaning Isn’t

No more itchy, blotchy hands. No more loss of smell. No more headaches. Why?

  • It doesn’t involve bleach or Lysol (because my lungs/sinuses were so done with struggling.)

  • It doesn’t involve Comet (because I love my skin and liver too much to do that anymore.)

  • It doesn’t involve Swiffer WetJet solution (because I want to keep my ovaries/uterus/brain).

  • It’s cheaper than any of the above things.

We use one cleaner. ONE. And it’s cheaper than any bottle of Lysol or 409 or Windex. And I mix it with baking soda for scrubbyness, or vinegar and rubbing alcohol for streak-free shinyness.

(And…yes, my fellow germaphobics, I do have a sanitizing hack that works as well as bleach that will blow your mind, for the toilets and raw meat.)

Cleaning your Counters, Sinks/Tubs & Floors

Click below to see these amazing toxin-free strategies.

They’re the most exciting part of my Spring Cleaning (i.e., de-cluttering) campaign. The one I’m starting this afternoon. The campaign I’m asking you to hold me accountable to do. Cleaning is the fun part. But the de-cluttering…well…

Full transparency: I’m awesome at de-germing…and I LOVE it. It’s just the (God help me and part this Red Sea) de-cluttering part that I need therapy for!

How I Clean my Floors

How I Clean my Floors

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