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How I Clean my Floors

How I Clean my Floors

Guys…I love mopping.

I mean, think about the goodness contained in those mop fibers, sitting damply, for month after month in the dark closet, growing like a highschool science experiment.

dirty mop growing.png

Not to mention the “cleaning solution”, or more accurately, the dirty mop-water: dried-up spoiled milk puddles, enough hair to weave a rug, doggie accident residues, tracked-in shoe gunk from all the public restrooms collectively visited… in a bucket with some nice bacteria-loving warm water and some heavily diluted “cleaner” … that’s then smeared all around the entire floor?

Yum. And that’s why I also love the 5 second rule when I drop my food.

E.coli colony growth.

E.coli colony growth.

Mop Options

So actually, I’ve never bought a mop in all my living-on-my-own days.

I’m just weird. I’m the kind of person who needs to believe in what they’re doing...at all times. Even in the mopping arena.

And I didn’t like my options:

  • A. Mop the floors with something that would REALLY kill everything …on the floor and the mop fibers, like bleach.

    • (But… I hate toxic cleaners, since we absorb those right through the soles of our feet and it goes to our lungs and brain when we breathe it.)

  • B. Go natural and economic… mopping the floors with vinegar and lemon juice.

Click here for the full EWG rating.

Click here for the full EWG rating.

  • C. Buy one of those “one-and-done” Swiffer Wet Sweepers so you can throw away the pads after each use.

    • (Um…still totally toxic. It gets a big fat D for a safety rating…see below. And they’re too expensive.)


SO… what to do??

Fresh & Toxin-Free Mopping Solution

I made my OWN floor mopping solution, for cheap, that works.


Then I soak disposable dry sweeper pads in the solution (much more affordable - especially at Costco - and safer than the wet pads).


And it’s cleaner than the mop idea, right? No bacterial breeding grounds in my broom closet, thank you! Those used cloths will be hitting the trash!

For a final sanitize on those floors, I use the magic household ingredient that kills just as well as bleach, safely, for cheap…hydrogen peroxide!! Just spray on the floors and wipe, or just let dry.

(Because again - Thieves Cleaner is a sudsing cleaner, and hydrogen peroxide is a watery-yet potent!- sanitizer.)

A Note on Norwex

Even the supposedly self-purifying, fancy microfiber mop pads don’t stay clean like they claim, and don’t get clean without some serious elbow grease and boiling…petri dish experiments confirmed. So even though they’re cost-effective, I just haven’t convinced myself to buy one.

Mopping Concentrate Recipe

Use this concentrate with 4 c hot water to mop an entire 400 sq ft of tile or linoleum!

Since we only have about 100 sq ft to mop, I keep my solution in a 1 c jar, and use 1/4 C at a time.

When I’m ready to mop, I mix it in with a cup of hot water and soak my Swiffer dry cloth in it.

For Tile & Linoleum

  • 1/2 capful Thieves cleaner (scroll down for how to buy it)

  • 1/2 C vinegar

  • 1/2 C rubbing alcohol

  • 5 drops Citrus Fresh

Combine with 4 C hot water to mop 400 sq ft (about 4 medium-sized rooms.)

Or, take 1/4 C of the solution and combine with 1 C hot water to mop 1 room.


For Hardwood

  • 1/2 capful Thieves cleaner

  • 1 tsp vinegar

  • 2 Tbsp olive oil

  • 5 drops Citrus Fresh

Combine with 4 C hot water to mop 400 sq ft. Mop small sections and wipe dry immediately.

Happy toxin-free cleaning!!!

For the toxin-free cleaning recipe series, click here.

How to Get Thieves Household Cleaner Concentrate

There are several ways you can go about it!

  • Starter Kit: If you have the Young Living essential oils starter kit, you already have a sample packet that will make up about 3 bottles! It’s in the bottom of your kit. (This is the best way to get started for sure!)

  • Get it Wholesale: If you used up your sample, and want more, you can order it through your account since you’re a wholesale member.

  • Get it at Retail: If you’re not a member, email me at essentially.lemmon.made@gmail.com if you want just a bottle of the cleaner for the retail cost+tax. I’ll get it to you with free shipping if you’re local!

  • Get the Thieves Kit: Whether you’re already a member or not, you can get the Thieves Starter Kit …with everything you need to ditch toxins in your house, and replace them with the cleaning power of Thieves. Thieves handsoap, 2 bottles of cleaner, toothpaste, Thieves oil, and lots more for a lower price than buying them individually.

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