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Easy Asian Soup for One

Easy Asian Soup for One

We’ve just endured our 10th “snow event” this winter. I just can’t even. If you can’t either, here’s a coping mechanism of mine you might find helpful.

You know those nights when you’re cold, tired, and just need something nearly instant that is comforting and soothing…but still delicious? Something you can pour into a massive mug and eat while curled up on the couch in a Snuggie?

Throughout college and beyond this was my instant-ramen-noodle replacement. No need for Cup Noodles (in all their empty carbalicious, nutritionally void, MSG-filled glory) when you’ve got this.

It’s got eggs for protein, satisfying savory flavor, and takes 10 minutes to make. I mean, when I’ve got plenty of time to crock-the-pot or slow-simmer chicken for hours, this Vietnamese Pho recipe or authentic ramen bowls are my winter faves. But when I don’t…this is my easy go-to.

Nourishing, Satisfying, and Customizable

Asian food often solves so many conundrums for people who want healthy, craveable, and pretty much gluten-and-dairy-free food. This recipe meets all my needs in less than 10 minutes.

This noodle bowl is pretty filling. You’ve got your bases covered: flavor, protein, greens, slurpy noodles…in total gluten/dairy-free comfort. Which means you can rest (and digest) easy.

Mix-ins for Asian Noodle Soup : carrots, cilantro, red cabbage, Thai basil, mung beans.

Mix-ins for Asian Noodle Soup : carrots, cilantro, red cabbage, Thai basil, mung beans.

Plus it’s really customizable, so if you are a Asian-food-aholic like me and want to add funky things like strips of seaweed, enoki mushrooms, kimchi, or whatever…you’re totally free to do that.

Or keep it mod-American and add some spiralized zucchini and carrot noodles to the broth while cooking.

(If you’re sensitive to eggs, then just add leftover chicken or some kind of meat to the broth for your protein.)

Five Steps to Comfort in a Bowl

It’s so easy, ya’ll. Look at the slideshow pics and you’ll see. But basically:

  • Boil water and pour it over your noodles. Set aside.

  • Boil some chicken broth with the “5 Asian Flaves.”

  • Add your eggs to the broth.

  • Add spinach.

  • Strain your noodles. Pour your soup on top.

    Add chopsticks and a big Asian slurping spoon. Enjoy.

Click through the slideshow below to see!

My Top 5 Instant-Asian Flaves Pantry Staples

These five flavors are the magic ingredients that make these dishes easier than ordering takeout.

I add these to almost EVERY Asian dish I make, especially the ones that don’t follow a recipe for. I always have these staples on hand because they make it so easy to get good restaurant-quality flavor.



  • Garlic Powder (or fresh minced garlic is even better. Don’t need garlic salt though, because there’s plenty salt in your soy sauce & fish sauce).

  • Fresh Ginger. (I peel a “nub,” about as big as half of my thumb, then grate it finely with a microplane/cheese grater.)


From left to right: Tamari, Fish Sauce, Sriracha.

From left to right: Tamari, Fish Sauce, Sriracha.

  • Tamari (because it’s gluten-free! soy sauce). Or just use soy sauce. Best price = Asian grocery stores! You can use Coconut Aminos from Trader Joe’s or healthy stores if you’re soy-free or paleo.

  • Fish Sauce. This is THE magic ingredient. It gives a rich, meaty, savory flavor without any bad MSG! It’s the secret to ALL delicious Thai and Vietnamese food. Yeah it smells fishy the first few minutes, but it cooks down and makes everything taste as good as the restaurants. Trust me. (Find it at the Asian store for cheap, and sometimes it’s at Trader Joe’s or the healthy food store.)

  • Sriracha. Just a teeny bit for some heat. A little goes a long way in soup.

But whatever you do…please don’t buy your noodles at a non-Asian grocery store. You’ll pay 3x what they should cost.

(And I BEG you do, don’t ever shop at Whole-[Paycheck]-Foods to get these Asian beauties, whether noodles OR the above sauces. It’s just fiscally irresponsible. See below.)


You guys. These are $2 for 8 servings. 8 servings! And they’re grain-free. When have you EVER seen anything in a package that was gluten-free-grain-free-keto-friendly that was actually filling, and CHEAPER than bottled water? And in hot-pink netting to boot?

glass noodles:bean vermicelli.png

They’re called glass noodles, or “bean thread noodles” and are made with mung beans. For just $2, you’ll get 8 individual portions.

They’re grain-free and are nearly instant.

You boil some water, and pour it on the noodles. They soften, you add them to your soup or your stirfry. Done.

And they’re HEALTHY!!! The Noodle Aisle in the Asian grocery store will be your best friend if you’re trying to get rid of gluten.

Grain-free mung bean noodles and tapioca noodles; rice noodles.

Grain-free mung bean noodles and tapioca noodles; rice noodles.

I use these, or sometimes Vietnamese fresh rice noodles. You can also use rice Pad Thai noodles (they take a long time to soak).

AND…in the Korean section of your Asian grocery store you can even find SWEET POTATO noodles for those of you who are doing paleo!!

But again…let’s stay away from any elitist grocery establishments that boldly offer the same things but marked up 300%. Mmkay? For the sake of my conscience and your wallet. :)

Here’s to steamy, satisfying deliciousness in 10 minutes for under a dollar, on my couch in my Snuggie. Let it snow!

Easy Asian Soup for One.png
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