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Fancy Fried Eggs & Spinach

Fancy Fried Eggs & Spinach

All you need to do to upgrade those plain old eggs is add some spinach and garlic salt. That’s it.

This is one of the most delicious, never-gets-boring savory breakfasts I’ve ever had. It’s SO satisfying. And it’s just too easy.

Crispy toast, perfectly savory spinach and eggs, and a slightly runny yolk that harmonizes everything together in exquisite perfection.

But make sure you add that garlic salt. It’s the magic ingredient, and it will completely sever any associations of “eating your spinach” and parental punishment administrations.

Healing Childhood Vegetable Traumas

If you’ve been following my Whole Box Spinach Series, hopefully you’ve been inspired to take a fresh look at this leafy green, one that differs from your childhood experiences.

Many people remember their parents forcing them to eat their spinach when they were little, right?

My theory is, no one, not even me, actually likes bland, unseasoned, steamed vegetables.

favorite things- garlic salt.001.jpg.001.jpg

We’ve got to re-write the narrative of our palate by FLAVORING those veggies well.

My easy-button is this: Just add garlic salt and sauté. This covers over a multitude of bad experiences, my friends.

Now - my mom never actually made me eat bland steamed leafy greens…so I don’t have that trauma to work through. But she ALMOST made me eat green eggs and ham…it had such an impact on me, I remember it like it was yesterday.

I’m feeling the need to get it all out in writing…so scroll past the therapy session if you want to see how to fry eggs and spinach.

Would You Like Them Here or There?

I remember the very first time I read Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs & Ham. I was sitting on my mom’s lap on the couch in our living room, and was probably about 4 years old. When we came to the end, she closed the book and asked me, “Now - would you like green eggs and ham?”

Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs & Ham

I just laughed, thinking she was just teasing…Just quoting the silliest lines from the book like parents do when they’re trying to get you to smile.

She repeated the invitation, and was confidently insistent. “Really! I’m going to go make some green eggs and ham for you right now! I know exactly how to make them.”

“What? Nuh-uh!” I protested, alarms going off inside. “People can’t EAT eggs and ham that are GREEN. They’re bad for us!”

I turned around fully to face her, searching her face for any hint of humor, waiting for a “you’re-right-I’m-just-kidding” smile. None came. She headed to the kitchen to get out the pots and pans.

My mouth dropped open. Frozen in place, I tried to come to a logical answer inside myself.

She can’t be serious. My mom would NEVER feed me something humans shouldn’t eat. My mom doesn’t do things like that. Or does she…?

I was forced in that moment to believe one of two things. Either:

A. Mom knew that green eggs and ham were bad (and was still going to make me eat them).

B. Mom didn’t know that green eggs and ham were bad …(though I, at 4 years old, was privy to this knowledge.) But…how could an all-knowing parent not know something so obvious?

(Neither option was viable. Either Mom is mean, or Mom doesn’t know all that I do about this world that we live in? Both options were too scary for my little mind to process.)

So…I dealt with the dilemma by vehemently insisting, “I WILL NOT EAT GREEN EGGS AND HAM.” Probably sensing my fear and respecting my sense of autonomy like any good parent, she finally dropped the idea and changed the subject.

It wasn’t until I reached kindergarten that I learned there was a third option. She’d had a trick up her sleeve all along… one that didn’t compromise her integrity or require an upheaval of my secure parental attachment: green food coloring.

Greens & Eggs

Twenty-five years later…I’m quite obsessed with the idea of adding color to my plate of eggs… but minus the “FD&C YELLOW 5 and BLUE 1”.

My Ideal Breakfast = Sauteed spinach, gluten free toast, perfect eggs, green tea, NingXia Red juice.

My Ideal Breakfast = Sauteed spinach, gluten free toast, perfect eggs, green tea, NingXia Red juice.

This is the EASIEST way I’ve found to get an affordable, clean-eating, hot breakfast AND healthy, tasty greens into my morning.

All you do is:

  1. Sauté 2-3 handfuls of baby spinach with olive oil and a few pinches of garlic salt. Set aside.

  2. Fry your eggs, and add a few pinches of garlic salt.

  3. Spread your savory greens on some (gluten free!) toast, and top with your eggs.

Bon appétit!

Click through the gallery below to see the steps!

Egg-Frying Note: If you’re like me and tend to overcook (or break) the eggs every time…try this tip! For sunny-side-up eggs that aren’t SUPER runny, once the whites are set, put the lid on for 30 seconds to steam the tops of the eggs. They’ll be cooked but still a little “easy”!

Fried Eggs1.png
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