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Resolutions: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life!

Resolutions: Change Your Gut, Change Your Life!

3 Ways I’m Resolving to Support my Body from the Inside Out.

Q. What do clear skin, weight loss, and energy have in common?

A. #1 They all are “symptoms” I’m experiencing after these first few weeks doing my New Year’s Resolutions.

#2. And they all are related, inextricably, to gut health!

Besides clearer skin, weight loss, and higher energy (if that’s not enough) other perks of doing your GI good are:

  • a stronger immune system

  • fewer respiratory/sinus/mucus issues

  • deeper sleep

  • busting the brain fog

  • better mood/emotional stability

  • maintaining healthy joints

  • enjoying a longer life, etc. etc. etc.!

That being said… wanna join me??

Here are 3 routines that can re-set your digestive system and start your whole body on the path to health this year!

They’re working for me!!! While I’ve employed these different health-supporting routines in the past and experienced a-MAZING results when I stuck with them, I’m resolving to implement them consistently, no excuses. I want those energy-supporting, skin-clearing, weight-balancing effects all year round!

Who’s with me?? How would you benefit from committing to these 3 totally do-able, health-giving routines? I’ll be posting the following 3-part series:


Resolution #1: Neglect Not Thy Gut: Daily Routine

How I’m resolving to stick with the game-changing digestive routine because it has truly blessed me every. single. time. My 3 daily, baseline steps for keeping my gut health in tip-top shape.

Resolution #2: System Re-set

How I did 3-day Detox & Deep-system Cleanse & why I’ll be doing it quarterly. Thanks to Costco’s Suja Juice Cleanse & YL’s digestive cleansing supplements, it was MUCH easier than other cleanses I’ve done in the past!

Resolution #3: Eat More Greens!

How we go through a 1lb box of Spinach each week - deliciously! I’m resolving to meal-plan with these superfood dishes instead of sporadically fixing the food on the fly! I’ll post 3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 3 dinners that are in our regular meal rotation that rock my world. That’s 9 meals containing a full serving of spinach per person, with all the perks like:

  • Less time

  • Less effort

  • Nourishing, nutrient-dense greens

  • No gut-distressing foods like gluten, dairy, sugar, preservatives or hydrogenated oils

  • (Most importantly) tons of flavor that pleases even my “blandness-intolerant” palate.

All holiday season, I’d been counting down the days to January 1 - when I could finally do a gut re-set and get all these things back in order. I’m excited to say, I’ve been doing Resolution #1 and have completed Resolution #2 these first few weeks…and if a healthier system is your goal, I know that you can too!

Now I’m working out the details for #3 - and will supply you with the recipes throughout the month of January! Stay tuned!

Resolution #1: Daily Digestion Hacks

Resolution #1: Daily Digestion Hacks

Not Right in the Gut? Take Enzymes!

Not Right in the Gut? Take Enzymes!