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Magic Stain Remover Paste

Magic Stain Remover Paste

It happens to the best of us. Spots. Stains. Blotches. Obnoxious, yellowed collars and armpits. But for me…it only started happening recently.

As a kid, I could wear the same white t-shirts and turtlenecks for years and years because they somehow stayed untainted, and white as snow. My mom still marvels over it to this day.

Stain-free. A 4-year old. Keeping her whites white.  

My younger sister though...Lord bless her. Her clothes consisted of greys and darks because her whites didn't last past breakfast. All my pristine white hand-me-downs? Stained in one day flat. I always thought I inherited some perfect-child gene that skipped her.


Until…recently. As I thought about sharing with you this magic trick, I realized something.

I have, in fact, devolved when it comes to staying clean. 


As I became a young adult and now as a regular adult…I've noticed that my white clothes don't seem to make it past breakfast. Literally. My coffee, tea, green smoothies - all tend to end up on my lap, my chest, my sleeve. Even my maxi skirt hems. What the heck.

(...and my car floor mats...and my purses...and my textbooks...)

And that's just before 10am.  Let alone the happenings of lunch and dinner, Lord help me.  (Just looked down and noticed a big chocolate smear hiding on my dark patterned dress that I've worn every other day this week. Who knows how long that's been there.)

So - guess that means it wasn't genetic. Maybe staying tidy was a phase I grew out of.  My sister may have grown into that phase, but I’ve grown out of it. In a serious way. 

3 laundering attempts + bleach.

3 laundering attempts + bleach.


The Problem with Stain Removers

I used everything in my highschool and college years, when this problem emerged. And, was largely disappointed.

1. They don't work. 

Not for me, at least. Most of the time, the stains I really want gone never really left.  Especially those annoying sweat stains. EEWW... seriously embarrassing.

I remember doing laundry in my teen years and scrubbing and scrubbing those armpit areas with EVERYTHING in our laundry room.  NOTHING worked. They either:

  • barely lightened it at all
  • yellowed it worse
  • or chemically weakened and thinned the fabric as I scrubbed.

I tried them all. Not even Billy Mays' OxiClean could combat the tea, sweat, and random yellow spots that would appear.

2. They're TOXIC!

Here was my protocol (and toxin-absorption pattern) for stain removal in my earlier years:

All that "toxic" for barely any progress? No thanks.

Click the links above to check out the safety ratings for each of those products....NOT encouraging!

Behold the Magic

So given that once I had my own household to run and pick products for, I neither wanted stains on my whites, nor did I want to breathe toxic fumes or absorb them through my skin.

So then...what's a stain-prone girl to do?

Answer: Consult Pinterest

This Magic Spot Removal Paste linked from My Life In Pink & Green is the key to stain-free clothes I wish I'd known all along. WITHOUT the scary ingredients.


Disclaimer: While my default personality tendency is not to air my dirty laundry in front of people, (because, I kind of like to be "put together")...I figured, this whole social media world all just a sham anyways.

We're all just real humans, messy, emotional, and in need of real truth and photographic evidence to prove it...no matter how sweat-stained the package may be.  So here you go!

IMG_9566 - Version 2.jpg

Now. I will say... as far as trying to have a TOTALLY chemical free home, Dawn is an offender.

I NO LONGER use Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (see rating here) on my dishes. (And thus the Costco-sized Dawn bottle remains 3/4 full after 2 years of purchase.)

Because...I eat off my dishes, and the residue is absolutely still on those dishes as I lick and drink and cook. I switched to only buying dish liquid without Sodium Laureth Sulfate or any "Fragrance" (that's French for "secret recipe of toxins"). 

Currently I'm using Thieves dish liquid on my dishes because it came free in my Young Living order in March. It's highly concentrated (undiluted) and you can make 2 bottles out of it.  (Click here for June's freebies!)

For eating and dish-washing, that is, I am Dawn-free and chemical-free. But since this paste is going on my clothing and getting washed out, I'm happy with this option.  (If you try this with all natural dish soap and it works, please let me know!)

Magic Stain Removal Paste

  • 2 parts hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 part Dawn dish liquid
  • 1 part baking soda

Mix to form a paste, and scrub into spots with a spoon or old toothbrush. Let sit for half an hour, then wash as usual. 

(Could make in advance and store it, but I've found the hydrogen peroxide breaks down within a few hours and isn't as effective as when it's newly made. I just wait to make up a batch (using 2:1:1 tablespoons) until I can treat all my stained whites at once.)


IT WORKS!! Try it!

Here are some before-and-after shots.

There you have it - yet again, another reason why doing things yourself (instead of dumping thousands of your dollars into big-business, toxic "solutions") is liberating, empowering, and oh-so rewarding. :)

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