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Move Your Body, Speak Life, See Change (Part 2)

Move Your Body, Speak Life, See Change (Part 2)

Wherever you are, chances are you’re struggling with something in your heart/mind or your body. My own heart goes out to you. It's for you that I started this blog. 

My plea to you, from the bottom of my heart is: don’t ignore the struggles, and don't accept them as your fate.  Pursue other means of supporting your systems and bringing true healing to your body and emotions. Don't stop learning; don't stop hoping.

(And in case you're confused by the picture... I'm not writing a blog post on your special snowflake-uniqueness. It's even better than that...Keep reading!)

In Part 1 we looked at some shocking statistics and studies on how utterly essential regular exercise is, as well as my husband's frustrating injury that led to years of relative inactivity, and the resulting downward spiral of the state of his emotions and even his immune system. (The happy ending is coming...)

If exercise is SO vital to every aspect of our mental and physical health, and determines our length and quality of life, we MUST exercise consistently. But if you have real obstacles to exercising as my husband did, you can do something about it.  

  1. Put healing substances ON your body, daily.
  2. Put healing substances IN your body, daily.
  3. Speak healing words of life OVER your body, daily.

...and then, get active - whatever that first step looks like for you.

Another Way

There IS another way besides the  man-centered, lab-created, "there is no real cure" way we've been raised to believe is our fixed reality.

Remember this: God designed your body to function perfectly.  His medicines were created to help your body function the way it was meant to function. There is always another way, a way besides the one we've been raised to believe is the exclusive, trump-card truth in secular Western Society.

God created your body to function perfectly. Yet sadly, we (individually, and/or collectively) have messed things up big time.

HOWEVER - though we may have been kicked out of the Garden, the healing remedies from that same Garden are still in our world today (see Gen. 1:12)!!

Drugs suppress symptoms (our bodies' cries for help), but natural remedies which support our systems, along with words of life -  are true medicine. 

Words Have Power

Hopelessness is a destructive agent which does incredible harm to a person with an injury or an illness. Our words and emotions literally have the power to keep our physical body in bondage. Even if we are "doing" the right things to take care of ourselves, what we believe about ourselves, our bodies, and our future can keep us from making any progress physically.  

In the beginning, God spoke. His words carried infinite power. And then...after creating the world, He created Man in His own image, and imbued him with a gift no other creature was given...the power of speech.

    Prov. 18:21 - Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.
    Prov. 17:22 - A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

I believe, that when paired with restorative nutrition and natural solutions,  the remedies of a hopeful heart, positive attitude, and affirming words have the power to unleash the alignment, healing, and restoration that our bodies were designed to experience.

After reading Dr. David Stewart's Healing Oils of the Bible this summer, I was inspired to change the way I thought about health... I needed to change my speech and my thoughts, not just do the right things nutritionally/functionally.

The Effect of Words and Intention

Before you deem me as having "gone off the deep end" in New Age wackiness, bear with me. As always - I'll show you a little science if you hear me out!: ;)

Our words and voice literally carry a frequency that has a physical effect on living organisms, including our own bodies. Ever heard that talking to your plants helps them grow? There's something to that. 

Beyond living organisms being affected- our words and voice have a physical effect on the molecular structure of water!!  Dr. Masaru Emoto performed experiments in Japan on samples of water. The more pure the source, the more beautiful its crystalline form when it was frozen.  Understandable.  But what's shocking is the shape the same samples of water took, whether polluted or unpolluted, when exposed to words... such as "Love" or "Gratitude" versus negatively charged words like "I'm sick of you" or "Hate".

The Change Begins

And we're over 60% water, huh?  Fascinating. We also have a soul...which is integrated with, not separated from, our body.  Back to my husband's story.

I encouraged him to begin thinking and speaking positively about the future of his health, and the restoration of his knee.  We used several awesome natural remedies topically to support the tendons, ligaments, bones, and cartilage of his knee.   

(It's important to note that our sporadic attempts weren’t doing much at first.  It was the daily consistency of what we were doing that became the catalyst for change. Isn't that true with everything in life?)

When massaging his joint and muscles, as often as we remembered, we would pray, asking that the Creator of his knee and of the plants would allow these things to work together the way they were created to.

I started speaking positive things as he massaged his knee, like, "When we've done this for a few more weeks, you will be experiencing progress. You will be playing again, because these things are doing what they were meant to do - they’re helping your knee do what it's meant to do. Isn't that amazing!? Praise God!”

He also began supporting his muscular and skeletal system from the inside out with a powerful nutritional supplement that made a HUGE, undeniable difference.


If you see him in person, ask him about his physical activity levels now. I'm so blessed to say that he is now jogging, biking, practicing with his youth teams, and...PLAYING with a semi-professional team once again without any negative ramifications.   The difference is INCREDIBLE. I have my high school sweetheart back. Physically, emotionally, and mentally, he is in a better place than he's been in years.

Get Moving, Nurture your Body, Speak Life... See Change

If you're a follower of this blog, chances are you care about what you put in your body. Clean eating, natural remedies, toxin-free cleaning and personal care solutions are important to you. You're not satisfied with the status quo or the disease and toxicity plaguing our society. You want a better choice for yourself and your family. 

If that's you, complete the good you're doing for that body you're stewarding.  Maximize what you do for this gift of a body you've been given.

Keep learning. Get moving. Speak life. I guarantee, you will see change for the better.

Lemon Essential Oil: Drops of Sunshine

Lemon Essential Oil: Drops of Sunshine

Move your Body, Speak Life, See Change

Move your Body, Speak Life, See Change