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Joy Essential Oil Blend

Joy Essential Oil Blend

Joy to the world…

Behold…my Seasonal Anti-cheerfulness Disorder remedy. It is like sunshine+bliss+hugs in a bottle. Utterly useful for me this time of year.

It’s a must on road trips with little kids. Or when the office Scrooge starts spreading the anti-cheer, or your own inner Grinch starts griping.

This little bottle contains a synergistic blend of citrus peel oils and flower oils that will invite your limbic system into sensory ecstasy and will set you up for feeling…well, joyful.

But before you read any further and start wondering whether I’m being duped into a bunch of fru-fru, gimmicky placebo effects… STOP … and read these posts first…especially Part 2!

(Three years ago, before I had firsthand experiences and understood the “science behind the scents” in those posts, I didn’t believe what I’m going to be saying here. If you’re a skeptic too, trust me…you’ll need to see those posts first!)

Courtesy youngliving.com

Courtesy youngliving.com

That word on the label is NOT just slapped on there as a catchy name! The blend was specifically formulated YEARS ago by the founder of Young Living to support of the brain and emotions pertaining to joy, happiness, and the release of grief and sadness.

The effects of these blends are profound. Science is finally catching up with the firsthand experience of so many of you out there to show the “why” behind the “Wow!”

Who needs Joy?

Probably everyone. But I’ve heard the most glowing reviews of this oil blend from people I know personally who:

  • have emotionally-taxing jobs

  • feel sadder in the winter

  • are postpartum moms

  • are going through grief or loss

  • and ESPECIALLY…on cranky toddlers and kids! I’ve watched it work before my eyes, many times!! No placebo effect there!

For me, this blend is a go-to:

  • On road trips (though we don’t have a fussy toddler in the back seat, my husband sometimes feels like there’s one sitting in the front…)

  • During the dreary, draggy winter days

  • And…the week before that time of the month.

LORD help us all if all of the above coincide and the Joy runs out… (good thing YL thought of that and has me covered… it’s one of the free oils this month of December.)

What does Joy do?

Depends on whether you want the short answer, or the long answer.

Short Answer: It helps you let go and be more joyful.

Long Answer: The synergy of all those individual oils does wonders for the emotional part of the brain, the part where hangups, irritation, fears, inhibitions, memories, pleasure, excitement, and blood pressure & heart rate are controlled. It tells your brain that it’s okay to enjoy and take pleasure in things, to stop & smell the roses… rather than being in fight-or-flight mode.

Helpful Hormones Tip: It’s ALSO incredibly balancing and supportive of the female reproductive system!! Whether you’re PMSing, pregnant, trying, postpartum, or before/after the change, this oil’s for you. Several women in my life have experienced major breakthroughs putting on their heart, and rubbing it on their abdomen/ankles several times a day.

Why the hormone support? Two reasons.

  • #1: Properly dealing with our emotions and stress levels aids the glands in our brain that are in charge of the hormone cycle.

  • #2: The therapeutic grade Ylang Ylang, Geranium, and Rose oils in there are incredibly effective in helping the reproductive organs themselves work properly!


How do I use Joy?

Perfume: on my wrists and heart daily during times of winter doldrums, or when things just feel heavy. Try it in a roller with orange or with bergamot oil!

Hormone Help: I also use it during that week leading up to that time of the month. Besides using it as a perfume, I just rub a drop on my abdomen and inside/outside of my ankles (the Vitaflex point for the reproductive organs) morning and night.

Diffusing: just get it in the air to lift the mood of the room…it’s amazing. And, I put a couple drops on a cotton ball and shove it in the air vents on road trips too. :)

What’s in Joy?

  • Bergamot - refreshing, uplifting and has been studied for its effects on sadness and anxiousness.

  • Ylang Ylang - increases relaxation, aids in the release of anger and frustration, aids the liver, and has been used traditionally as an aphrodisiac. Said to restore confidence and equilibrium. May provide a balancing effect on hormones.

  • Geranium - has soothing and sedative properties. Its aroma lifts the spirit and helps one release negative emotions. Provides a balancing effect for hormones and is a liver detoxifier.

  • Lemon - purifying, refreshing and uplifting, and has been studied for its positive effects on sadness and anxiousness.

  • Jasmine Absolute - traditionally used as an aphrodisiac, jasmine is helpful for releasing inhibition, supporting the adrenal glands, and has been studied for its effects on anxiousness and reproductive health.

  • Roman Chamomile - has soothing properties emotionally and physically, and has muscle-relaxing properties. Has been studied for its positive effects on emotional anxiousness and physical markers of stress.

  • Mandarin - is uplifting to the mind and body and is said to bring happiness and peace. It helps in reducing stress, irritability and sleeplessness.

  • Palmarosa - has skin-purifying/protective properties. It helps reduce nervous tension and anxiousness.

  • Coriander - has purifying/protective properties. It is relaxing for the mind and muscles, and helps to release fear and shock.

  • Rose (Rosa damascena) - Used in ancient times as an aphrodisiac, for beauty routines and for emotional support. It is powerful for the release of inhibition, stress, and emotional burdens. Physically, it possesses an incredibly high frequency, which may help to enhance the frequency of every cell, bringing balance and harmony to the body.

I’m so blessed to have this tool to help my brain and body operate the way they were designed to operate…and I know you will too!

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