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3 Ways to use Thieves

Thieves is probably the most popular oil blend out there. Countless new companies have attempted to replicate this synergistic blend of potent oils that bless our immune systems with their fierce fighting power.

Check out this blog post all about Thieves and how to use it in these cold weather months. But here are a few uses you may not have heard of yet!

  1. Keep Flowers (or Christmas Trees) Fresher for Longer

Add a drop of Thieves to your vase with the flower food before adding water. Add 2-3 drops to the water in your Christmas tree stand . The anti-gunk power of Thieves works to keep decay-promoting bacteria and mold at bay! (Purification works really well too.)

One week after I brought them home, and still going strong!

One week after I brought them home, and still going strong!

2. Thieves-Spiced Apple Cider

I adore this delicious, immune system-boosting fall drink.

Warm one quart of apple cider (don’t boil). Add 3 drops Thieves Vitality, and 2 drops Orange Vitality.

For just one cup, use a full drop (if you like it strong!!) or dip a toothpick in the bottle to absorb a little bit, then swirl the toothpick in your cup.

Spicy, energizing and comforting. Love!!


3. Remove Splinters Easily

Haven’t had a chance to try this myself, but wanted to share it anyways! The fewer traumatized children, the better, right?

Apparently applying a couple drops of Thieves to a splinter will cause it to emerge on its own. Some people say they had luck after just 10 minutes. For deeply embedded splinters, apply a few drops with carrier and put a bandaid over it. Repeat several times a day, and it should come to the surface in a day or two.

You guys…the problem-solving uses for these oils just never end. Here’s a hundred ways for starters (use the search bar on my blog, or Pinterest, or our team’s private FB group for so many more recipes!) Get your hands on these plant drops here if you don’t have a Starter Kit. Your life will never be the same if you lean in and learn all about these oils! :)

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