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Dinner in a Pinch: Fresh Mex Bowls

Dinner in a Pinch: Fresh Mex Bowls

Ever had one of those workdays where you've pinned a perfectly Pinteresty cluster of recipes for a nice, sit-down dinner? (My life.) But once you walk in the door at 6pm after unexpected junk had delayed your evening arrival (my life),  to add insult to injury - you realize that you either:  

A. Forgot to thaw the meat,  or B. Are too low on 5 of the ingredients to make it at all.

Yeah...  MY LIFE.  Except that I usually roll in around 7 pm and still somehow expect to pull it off.

After double- and triple-checking our provisions, and slamming the fridge and freezer doors in irritation, I think to myself, "Now what?!"  

Ifyou find yourself in this situation, I've found it's helpful to rub some Release or Stress Away on your temples and wrists and inhale deeply... Then forgive yourself, be grateful for the rest of all the stuff in the pantry, and roll with it ... Fresh Mex style.

Cheap, easy, and fresh. The perfect after-thought dinner.

Fresh Mex Bowl contents:

  • Rice (I add a bit of lime and cilantro as a Chipotle hack)
  • Refried beans (I like black)
  • Scrambled eggs with Mexican-ish spices (trust me on this!)
  • Cabbage slaw (just cabbage+lime)
  • Avocado
  • Salsa (Aldi has some great options - my fave for this bowl is peach chipotle!)


This works great if you have leftover white rice (or brown...or quinoa could work too).

And, if you're like me, and cilantro is one of your staples (because it's a must in Thai, Vietnamese, Mexican, Mediterranean, some American, and even some smoothie recipes I'll be posting soon)...

...and you always keep some red cabbage in your crisper drawer (um, highly recommend it, because this slaw is so simple and adaptable for different cuisines, whether you need a topping or a side dish)...

...and you try to keep an avocado on your counter (because...you're more or less a millennial), then you can probably do this right now!

All you need are these things, plus some spices to help the eggs break free of their boring American breakfast food trappings. Throw in some chili pepper or Sriracha or Tabasco if you like it hot.

This recipe makes enough for about 2 1/2 people, usually. (Because...no, I didn't find it on Pinterest all buttoned-down and portion-measured and then just adapt it for this post. This is the unedited version of my after-thoughts, so you'll probably need to modify and multiply.  Embrace your inner food artist and wing it!) 






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