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One Year and 100 Uses for Essential Oils

One Year and 100 Uses for Essential Oils

The comment I hear most frequently in regard to essential oils is, "But what do you do with them? I'm afraid to spend money on something that would just sit on my shelf unused." 

I can say in all honesty that I have saved so much money on health-related, skin-related, cleaning-related, and comfort-impulse-buying-related things since I've started using essential oils. All because I use oils daily. Multiple times a day.

Sometimes I use just a drop to add a "wow" factor to drinks, desserts, and cocktails, totally unmatched by juice or artificial flavorings.

Sometimes I use one or two drops of them instead of of spoonfuls of spices.

Sometimes I use them for chemical-free first-aid solutions that work better than the stuff off the shelf.

Sometimes I use them to make a body-care product that works far better than the toxin-laden store-bought stuff.

Sometimes I use essential oils to bring balance and true relief to my systems instead of popping a side-effect spewing, chemical symptom-masker.

Sometimes I use them to make household cleaners, rather than the respiratory system-harming, endocrine system-disrupting ones that I used to think were the only option!

Sometimes, I even use them to help bring balance to my hormones.

Sometimes I diffuse certain oils or apply them directly on my body when I'm feeling really out-of-whack emotionally and nothing seems to shake it. (I know it sounds crazy. But as an academic at heart who is skeptical to try things unless I’ve found the science behind it, trust me on this one!)

Sometimes, I use them to achieve solutions to at best, annoying, and at worst, ominous life problems that the rest of the world has no solution for.

Courtesy instagram@oilcollective

Courtesy instagram@oilcollective

Reaching for the Toolkit

For all these things and more, I reach into my toolkit rather than make a run to the store. I pull out a little bottle of highly concentrated, life-giving plant essences that have come down through the ages from their ancestors in the Garden of Eden, pure and powerful, made specially for our use.

I reach for the substances which were created to bring balance and wellness. I reach for my toolkit because I want to stay above the wellness line, in vitality and abundance, rather than just putting out fires and falling deeper and deeper into bodily dysfunction in this toxin-filled, nutrient-deprived, stress-filled world we're living in. I reach for the oils instead, because they are a better way than the way I used to live.

Yes, You Can!

More than anything else, these oils have been a key to the doorway of possibility. Of a "Yes, I can" attitude, rather than a fatalistic, pessimistic, limiting perspective on life that was ever crouching at the door of my heart and mind.

Do we really have to accept this toxic world, inside and out, while crossing our fingers we don’t become severely ill? Or can we take action toward making the place we spend most of our time a pure and natural safe-haven of rest?
Do you really have to accept the status quo and all the chemical, sub-par products that the status quo uses, or can you take your health into your own hands?

Can you make good long-term decisions for your body and your children's bodies? Can you, yourself, as you are, without becoming superwoman, start making little changes that add up to a life-changing results?

Baby Steps to Breakthrough

I learned about one oil at a time, one use at a time.

I’ve been kicking chemical-filled products to the curb - but just ONE at a time, whenever I've found (or had time to create) a replacement.  It's been a slow but steady, enjoyable,  relief-bringing process.  It's been an empowering journey. And it's just beginning!

A Year of Change

I bought my Starter Kit just one year ago today.

Just seven months ago, I decided I had to start opening up about my life-changing experiences with these oils to anyone who was also on a quest for a better way.

Just 2 months ago, I received a check from Young Living that paid for my oils order that month... and all I'd done was help 2 of my close friends get the same kit they'd seen me marveling over.

Last month, my check covered every penny of this month's large oils/supplements order (and I got lots of free oils on top of that too!).

A year ago, I had thought this wasn't possible for me. For others, maybe, but not me.  I thought that major health changes and the freedom to pursue all-natural living may be possible for others, but not for me.  And if I had stayed in that non-dreaming disbelief, it would not have been possible. But this has truly been a transforming journey - both for my body and my mind!

Regardless of where you are now, where do you hope to be in a year on your path to wellness?  Start dreaming! The tools and resources are out there, and there are people around you, myself included, who would love to see it happen.

100 Uses

That being said...these 100 uses are just some of the ways I've used the oils just over the past year, 365 days exactly since that Starter Kit showed up on my doorstep.

Some of these JUST one drop of oil by itself! And many are made of only 2-3 other ingredients.  (But if 2-3 ingredients is still too much DIYing for you, Young Living has plenty of 100% safe and powerful cleaning, body/skin care and health products ready-made!)

Over the Bathroom Counter Cabinet

Food & Drinks

Bath/Body/Skin Care

Cleaning Products

Mind & Emotions

So there you have it. 100 ways to use these versatile little drops of joy from God-made sources. 

Every drop of oil I use is a chemical I don't have to use. It's one less product off the shelf I have to spend money on. It's 3 or 4 or 5 containers of clutter I can eliminate from my cabinets. And each drop is an insanely large number of wellness-promoting molecules I introduce to my system, absorbed into my brain and the cells of my body for good, and not harm. And it all started with the Starter Kit. Click here to see what's in it.

Join me in saying "No more" to the things that harm our immune systems, our brains, our reproductive systems and every other part of our body!

Join me in this journey of replacing the harmful with not just the neutral, but the help-ful, and the health-ful.  Here's to another year of discovery, empowerment, and abundant living!



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