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Immunity Series #2: Fighting Back

Immunity Series #2: Fighting Back

In Part 1 of the Immunity Series, I listed a few things I do daily in the winter to help my respiratory system sidestep some of the vulnerabilities of living in a germy, dry wintry world.  In this post, I'm sharing what I do to to take action against oncoming sicknesses.

Am I the only one who gets that feeling of dread mixed with denial ("Oh crap...oh well...I'll be fine...") every few weeks in the winter? Namely, when one of the following happens:

  • a kid sneezes on you 3 times in one sitting

  • you start feeling a bit fatigued and congested

  • your beloved husband tells you that half his co-workers with all came down with some strain of the nasties and he isn't feeling so great either ...

We all know that when combined with any amount of sleep-deprivation or stress, sometimes our bodies just want to give in and let the germs take over, right?  This year, I decided that I wouldn't go down without a fight.  I made an "emergency procedures" protocol and stuck with it after those times of exposure.

1. Flush

2. Thieves

3. Garlic Spoons

4. Vitamin C

This fall and winter, there were several times that I felt a little something coming on. Immediately, I reached for these secret weapons and... by the next morning, my immune system had overcome the beginnings of that sneaky sickness!   I'm by no means invincible, and sometimes the inevitable just happens, and that's OKAY.  However,  I'm a firm believer in doing everything possible, using all-natural, made-by-God substances to take down the bugs before they take me down. Can I get an amen?

1. Flush


In the last post, I mentioned the necessity of "cleansing," or "irrigating" your nasal passages in these dry and germy months.  Saline solution is wonderful on the daily, but when you've been exposed or feel something coming on, it's time to get out the big gun...the Neti pot.

You can order these online or find them in natural food stores. Mine is ceramic, and cost me about $10.

To use: Warm about a cup of distilled water (or purified bottled...do NOT use tap water for this, as it's full of all kinds of dissolved solids and chemicals that are a bad idea for your sensitive mucous membranes) and add a pinch of sea salt. Do NOT use iodized salt... it's not toxic, but it will probably burn a bit.

Read the directions on your Neti pot box or look up a video it if you're not sure how to use it. It takes getting the hang of the angle and the sensation, but it is AMAZING for dislodging any foreign invaders in there and keeping your passages healthy.


2. Thieves - Breathe it & Roll it

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 8.05.42 PM.png

On my post about Thieves oil, I listed the ways I use this amazing oil around the house. When I've been exposed is when I start Thievesing it up with intensity.

  • I pause on diffusing the other oils and diffuse Thieves wherever I am hanging out in the house, especially when I'm sleeping.

  • I get out my roller ball with a 1:4 dilution and rub it:

    • on the outside of my nose/sinuses

    • thymus

    • back of my neck

    • feet

      • tips and undersides of my toes

      • the middle area between the upper balls of my feet.

        • (I press deeply on these areas as I rub it in, as these are reflexology points for sinuses, ears, and lungs.)

        • (Note: on adult feet, you don't have to dilute it but can put a drop on straight from the bottle.)


3. Garlic Spoons

Okay. These are the atomic bomb of the secret weapons.  ACV+Garlic+Honey= Death to Sicknesses.

Almost every single time that I've used these diligently, by God's grace I've been delivered from the sickness I thought for sure I'd succumb to.  And once, when my husband had a weird sinusy-respiratory virus that lasted a week,  I "caught" it, but kicked it in just 24 hours! Not kidding.  And as soon as I put him on the "garlic spoons", he beat it too! These have totally changed my winter, you guys. Click here for how to make them and a double-blind, placebo-controlled study to back it up!

4. Vitamin C

Time to UP the dosage from the daily "maintenance" of just 2000mg and kick your system into high gear to take down those bugs.

Don't shy away from taking any less than 2000mg per couple hours until you've kicked it! Make sure it's an easily-absorbed form such as a buffered C powder, or Ester-C caplets. Ester-C is non-acidic, and won't irritate your stomach at high doses.

And there you have it! 4 easy steps to an "Emergency Protocol" to fight back hard against invading threats.

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