Green Goddess Tropical Smoothie

green goddess.png

 This is one of my most beloved, most amazing, and best, green drinks ever.

It’s from the book, The Best Green Drinks Ever. By my hero, Katarina van Wyk.

You’ve got to check it out. I keep it by my blender and refer to it often.

Your waistline, energy levels, blood sugar balance, skin, and hormones will all thank you. It’s changed my life, no exaggeration. And I absolutely love her story, her style, and her good taste.

This is a tropical-island-kind-of-flavorful, not-too-greeny-tasting, phytonutrient rich, sweet-but-not-too-sweet drink that I adore, all seasons of the year.

I use frozen pineapple when fresh pineapples aren’t in season, and I always keep kale or spinach, cilantro and romaine on hand for my other meals…so this is just a no-brainer for a nutrient booster.

I pair it with a few boiled eggs for protein, and it makes for a really balanced breakfast (with absolutely no 11am crash-and-burn that I would have if I’d eaten a bunch of carbs!)

(A tip on blending: Add your greens first to the blender. Then the liquids and lime. Blend to get those greens real good and blended, then add your pineapple chunks and whir til smooth.)

green goddess.png