February 2018 ER Promos

It's the month of love!  Whether you plan to set aside time for self-care, or to invest in your closest relationships, these products are wonderfully stress-relieving, system-balancing and soothing.

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Sclaressence Vitality.jpg

Sclaressence Vitality - 100PV

This blend was formulated to support the reproductive system in women and men, including the balancing of hormones such as estradiol and testosterone.

Containing Clary Sage for the support of hormones and the circulatory system, Peppermint for its cooling, soothing and dilating effects, Sage Lavender for hormone balance, liver support and calming stress, and Fennel for its digestive, hormone and liver supporting properties - this blend may be especially helpful for some women as a dietary supplement.  Different bodies have different needs for hormone balance, and though DragonTime or Progessence Plus may be the go-to blend for some women, Sclaressence may be the favorite of others.


Patchouli - 190PV

With a distinct smell reminiscent of the decades gone by, Patchouli is a beloved oil for its powerful effect on the emotions.  A key component of the oil blends Peace & Calming, Abundance, and Live with Passion, it is an oil that has long been used in many traditions for its ability to awaken inspiration and motivation and overcome emotional blocks.

Physically, this oil has been utilized in European cultures and Asian cultures for its potent effects on a multitude of skin conditions. Known for its ability to stimulate healthy cell growth, to moisturize, and balance oil production, it's one of the "magic ingredients" in Young Living's powerfully healing Rose Ointment.  Many women swear by adding a drop of Patchouli to their moisturizer as part of their nightly facial routine!

Patchouli is also key component of DiGize, and in the Animal Scents pet care line products such as the Animal Scents Ointment, Infect Away, ParaGize, PuriClean, and T-Away.


V-6 Massage Oil - 190PV

As Young Living's signature blend of six vegetable oils, this carrier oil blend comes in a convenient pump. Containing fractionated coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, sunflower seed oil, and olive oil, this blend is is deeply moisturizing and wonderful for massage.


Lavender Bath Bombs - 250PV

Lavender Bath Bombs.jpg

Treat yourself to a relaxing, luxurious evening with these effervescent bath bombs! Full of skin-nourishing ingredients and Lavender essential oil from Young Living's very own farms, these fizzy globes are a fun and aromatic way to unwind.


Sensation - 300PV


A must-have FAVORITE this time of year!!  It's floral, romantic, and emotionally calming and uplifting.  Diffuse it for a romantic evening, add it to your moisturizer or massage oil for a dreamy experience, or use as a personal fragrance. It's a great oil for the nightstand if you haven't yet got the drift. ;)

Ylang Ylang is a beautiful and romantic oil wonderful for the skin, as well as support of the heart. It helps to balance male-female energies, and is a key component of many emotional release blends.  It is uplifting for mental fatigue and and has been used traditionally as an aphrodisiac.

Bergamot is refreshing, calming, uplifting, and supportive of emotional and hormonal balance.

Jasmine is simply the most divine smell on earth (....in my humble opinion!) It is a classic aphrodisiac which also is powerful for balancing the female reproductive system, the skin, and emotions. It deals with the emotional elements of confidence, energy, euphoria, and optimism.

Geranium is used extensively for the support of female reproductive system. It is also effective in supporting the endocrine system and detoxification, the circulatory system, and all things skin-related.