The Best Easy Fried Rice


 This fried rice is too easy. And almost too flavorful for its name.

Fried rice, even from the restaurants, has always tasted pretty bland to me.

When I would make it at home, it would be not just bland, but way too salty from all the soy sauce I drenched it with (my attempt at making it taste Asian-y.)

Even adding garlic & ginger didn’t do much.

Then, I tasted Thai fried rice…and decided it was far more palatable. Even craveable. It was due to the two secret ingredients (besides the Chinesey garlic and ginger), that the Thai put in almost every delish dish they crank out. Namely, fish sauce + sweet soy sauce.


So I decided, why not just add those secret-saucy-flavorings?

Then I can enjoy my whole grain+easy protein+veggies galore, drenched in savory, mouthwatering flavor…in just 15 min or less. #weeknightdinnerwins

(And as always - for egg allergies, swap them out with some rotisserie chicken for your easy protein. And for soy allergies - swap out the soy sauce for coconut aminos!)

Click the slideshow below to watch the process.


Best Easy Fried Rice.png