Easy Ways to Cut Tricky Produce


  1. Cut in half lengthwise.
  2. Cut the half in half, lengthwise, along the core.
  3. Cut the "corner" off the pineapple quarter to remove the core.
  4. Starting at the top of the quarter, slice downward, close to the skin as though peeling it with the knife, to remove it.
  5. Cut into spears, lengthwise.
  6. Cut each spear crosswise into wedges.


  1. Cut cucumber in half across the middle to stand it on end.
  2. Make vertical slices in one direction (but don't cut all the way down to the cutting board).
  3. Then make vertical slices going the other direction, so there's a grid pattern.
  4. Then, flip the cucumber on its side and cut crosswise, to shave off small cubes.

Limes & Lemons

Cut in half crosswise, and use a paring knife (serrated works best) to shave off the peel along the curve of the fruit.



  1. Cut mango in half vertically, shaving along one side of the pit .
  2. On the side with the pit, slice down vertically to cut off the pit.
  3. Use the knife to trace a line around the circumference of the mango peel, going halfway down (not all the way through the skin).
  4. Make cuts 1/2" wide (not all the way through the skin) one direction, and then do the same going the other direction, making a grid.
  5. Flip the skin inside out.
  6. Slice off the protruding cubes of fruit.